8 Reasons Why You Should Choose an Offshore Development Center


Gone are the days when outsourcing a project was the only option for developing a software or application for your business. Nowadays, companies prefer to have their offshore development center with a team of software developers working dedicatedly on their project. In layman’s language, ODC is like having your own office with a dedicated software development team working in some other country.

It is way economical than hiring a software development team permanently or outsourcing your project. Besides this, an ODC has many other benefits that are attracting both the startups and enterprises to opt it. Here are eight of them:

  1. Less infrastructure cost and other expenses
  2. Dedicated development team model cost
  3. Focus on your core business
  4. On-demand setup
  5. Access to global talent
  6. On-time delivery
  7. Time to market
  8. Scale up/scale down team and resources

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Less infrastructure cost and other expenses

Setting up an office and then hiring a software development team is not a cakewalk; it requires a lot of efforts, time, and money. With an offshore development center, you can relieve yourself from the hassle of finding a physical space to set up an office for your employees. All you need to do is to find a reliable offshore development services provider. In short, you can save big on the infrastructure cost.

Besides this, you can also reduce maintenance overheads, minimize high operational cost, and cut down the recruitment cost. On top of that, there is no need to take care of the admin overheads, and legal and financial compliances.

Dedicated development team model cost

While hiring a software development team, budget is one of the prime considerations for most companies, mainly startups. With an ODC, you can hire dedicated developers without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wondering how? Well, when you connect to a reliable offshore development services provider, like Quytech, you get the complete freedom to hire your development team. The provider shares the profile of candidates that matches your project requirement, and you can hire the suitable ones after interviewing them.

In this way, you can hire skilled and expert developers at a cost-effective price. Furthermore, you can also decide their roles, responsibilities, and work timings in the project. It is like having a full-fledged office but virtually.

Focus on your core business

One of the most significant advantages of selecting an ODC is that you can focus on your main business as there is no need to pay attention to the software development part. No need to invest in time and money to manage your IT department separately at your infrastructure. Just work on expanding your services and scaling up your business while the ODC team works dedicatedly on your project.

On-demand setup

When you choose an offshore development center offered by a custom mobile app development company, you get the freedom to provide your requirements or configuration for the resources, such as computer systems. The offshore development services provider would arrange everything exactly the way you want. So you can start your project as soon as possible.

Project transparency

Here, transparency means to have the authority of hiring the talented professional, deciding their roles and responsibilities in the project, keep track of the progress, and monitor the performance of the team in real-time.  It is almost similar to having a full-fledged software development team at your physical facility.

Access to global talent

There are many countries with a good reputation in the IT sector and a talented pool of technical experts. By choosing those countries for setting up your ODC, can make you choose the right and talented people for your project. You can select an ODC for services like custom software development, big data analytics, cloud computing, round the clock maintenance and support, app testing, hosting, and more.

On-time delivery

Delivering a project on committed time is actually the part of the agreement, and a reliable offshore development services provider would never breach that. In other words, you can be sure of getting your project delivered within the specified time. From designing, developing, testing, to the deployment, every stage is completed within the given timeline. Moreover, you can also track the performance of the team and the progress of the project regularly to ensure the same.

Time to market

With an ODC, you don’t need to spend hours or even days to find the right infrastructure or hire the experts required for developing your software. It leads to the faster development process, which reduces the time to market. In simple words, you can launch your project quickly in the market.

Scale up/scale down resources/team anytime

While building a software or application, you cannot guarantee how much resources and workforce will be needed. In other words, changing your project requirement in the middle of the software development team impacts the team and resources involved. With offshore development services, you can easily scale up or scale down your resources as well as the development team as and when required.

Final Words

The offshore development center is a physical office committed to fulfilling the software development requirements of a company. It is like having a full-fledged software development team located in another country. Owing to the ODC’s benefits, like auto-scaling the team, time to market, access to skilled professionals, transparency of the project, on-demand setup, and more, businesses are finding it the easiest way for software development. If you, too, have any such requirement, then connect to a reliable and experienced offshore development services provider.