What Will Digital Marketing be like in the Year 2020?


Something that is clear is that the investment in digital advertising in the different channels is going to grow powerfully in volume and in cost, so I want to talk to you about how I see marketing for the year 2020 so that you can start from today to Work strategies and tactics that position your company for years to come.

Every time you can see better how the different social networks display more options in their digital advertising, for example Facebook has more and more formats, Pinterest has just added the video format in its ads and Snapchat opened its advertising massively. Many brands are adopting these strategies of digital marketing Cheap Assignment Writing Service is one of them.

Video Content:

For me, one of the keys to digital marketing will revolve around video content , where as you can see over the past year 2017 and this 2018, it is growing a lot in both creation and consumption by users, and We can see how the different digital platforms are increasingly giving it more prominence.

It’s been noticed that one of the most popular sayings on the Facebook campus is “the camera is the new keyboard”, a statement that I strongly agree with because Each time we will spend more from writing content to recording content.


 And when I talk about video content I mean its different formats, long videos to educate users, short videos between 3 and 10 seconds to respond to specific needs or live videos through streaming systems such as Facebook today Live, to generate a real-time interaction with our audience.

Messengers and chatbots:

Messengers are still a popular means of communication today, but their importance is growing in the wake of the development of chatbots and artificial intelligence.

This is due to the tendency of Internet giants to actively implement these technologies. In addition, text messaging will soon be transformed into voice communication, so chatbots will start talking freely and eventually everyone will have a personal assistant.

In addition, chatbots will be able to execute any transaction without visiting the site/app directly from the messenger: buying a product, making a reservation, getting information, etc.

More Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

The name “Artificial Intelligence” is exactly what it sounds like referring to robots or machines that have a high ability to work like humans. AI uses a combination of various features such as chatbots and voice assistants to find answers quickly. They act like humans; they can also receive orders from users and work behind the scenes on their behalf.

AI Robot by using sensor does this and human input to collect facts about a situation and can also collect / store search data to improve the user’s future experience.

Influencer Marketing:

In 2018, spending on digital advertising will be the first time the money spent on television products. This is just the beginning, with television advertising taking up a smaller place in the advertising market of the future.

Given this trend, in the period 2019-2021, the digital space will be filled with automated systems, viral advertisements, artificial intelligence-driven tools that give people a greater sense of skepticism and artificiality.

Against this backdrop, influencer marketing will gain new power, the moment of humanity and reality, taking full advantage of the digital world.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is an advanced technology that is reforming the field of financial transactions. Billions of dollars are spent on this technology.

24 States are studying blockchain for use in public services. It is noteworthy that many countries have already implemented blockchain technology in public registry activities. In addition, dozens of banks and insurance companies are studying and adopting blockchain for commercial services.

According to experts, by 2025 more than 10% of world GDP will be on the blockchain network. With all of the above, it is important for marketing professionals to keep an eye on the development of blockchain technology and think about its application in their field.

Transparency To Customers:

Research shows that companies that produce information that is transparent and easy to digest tend to retain 94% of their customers.

However, how you handle customer personal data is very important. In 2018, GDPR policies are more actively enforced to ensure that companies handle customer data transparently.

Meaning that there will be more emphasis on this in the future; companies will be asked to be fully transparent about what type of information is shared to promote their products and UK Assignment Help offering nursing assignment writing service is strictly following this transparency trend because they value their customer’s privacy more. 

Tips on How to Increase Transparency:

  • Establish your company’s core values.
  • Make sure sales are not your only goal.
  • Be an open book for your customers – tell them as much as possible about who they do business with.
  • If the customer raises a few concerns or questions, respond immediately.
  • Be able to accept any constructive criticism from your audience and respond to them in a friendly, non-judgmental tone.
  • Create space and encourage your customers and other people to give different suggestions that can help you to improve your product – facilitate the community around your brand.

SEO 2020:

At present, many different changes are taking place in the search engine industry, and updates continue to occur. Changes in this search algorithm greatly affect user search results.

Each new algorithm comes with various benefits or problems, depending on how you see it. Ultimately, the aim of search engines is to aid users in getting specific results that answer their queries.

Therefore, you will notice in 2020, and beyond that, the quality of search results will improve dramatically.

Digital Growth Marketing:

In 2020 and the coming years, the global digital software industry will grow by $ 74.96 billion.

As a result, more money will be channeled to digital marketing. It is estimated that by 2022, companies will spend around 87% of the marketing budget on digital marketing. Thus, this growth in digital marketing will give birth to “Agile Marketing,” another form of marketing that can measure the efficiency of a brand or a company towards its marketing goals and achievement. Marketers have spent the past few years looking for ways to connect and communicate on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

This social media channel provides enormous insights and data on what type of content works and the best way to create it.

Hyper Target Advertising:

Companies will use digital advertising for marketing their products, but have you ever found online advertisements that are annoying or have nothing to do with you? These ads not only tend customers to ignore, but they start hating the product too. Different brands continue to send special messages consistently, and it is noticed that only 36% of the audience will respond by buying the product.

Many companies are aware of this trend and have planned it. And we predict now that by 2020, most companies will target the right audience, and users will only see (and respond to) highly relevant advertisements.

The end:

There is an exciting time for marketing professionals, primarily for mastering and implementing innovative technologies.

Success will be for those who manage to maintain an efficient balance between what works now and what will work in the future.