Want to Save Money on Your All-Inclusive Vacation?5 Tips To Follow


Are you planning to book an all-inclusive vacation this year? Deciding between all-inclusive and half-board trips isn’t easy, and many find themselves debating which one to go for due to the cost. However, if you want to make your vacation one to remember and as stress-free as possible, all-inclusive is the best way to go. The only question is,if you are choosing to stay at a true luxury location and making the most of all-inclusive, is there a way to save any money at all? The short answer is yes, but here to offer more details are some tips on how to save money on all-inclusive trips.

What’s included?

As obvious as it sounds, when it comes to booking a somewhat thrifty trip, check what is included.Is all-inclusive the best option for the location that you are going to? The Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Maui based, for instance, can be a bit cheaper if it is all-inclusive, especially as the cost of dining out each night can add up.

If you are planning to eat out each night, aim to do so at local eateries. This will save you money. Then, check that the hotel you are staying at offers breakfast if you want to save some pennies.


Are you aiming to stay at a remote location? Or would you rather be in the center of the city?

This is worth factoring in your tips to save money. Luxury trips that have a beach-front view will be pricier, as will hotels that offer onsite services like spas. Want to save money on an all-inclusive holiday? Stay away from the higher-end hotels in remote locations unless you are looking for a bit of pampering.


When it comes to booking vacations, it is always cheaper to book them months in advance. Or at the last minute, oddly! And this rule is the same for all-inclusive trips.

Research has found that prices of all-inclusive vacations drop between 2-12 weeks of travel. This is great if your schedule is flexible. This is because estate agents want to fill empty spaces. But this may be a bit harder in 2022, as more people want to travel. Of course, this also varies based on the location that you want to travel to.To save money overall, it is best to be a bit more flexible with leaving and returning dates too.

Comparison sites

Having an all-inclusive vacation takes the stress out of budgeting. However, this means you have to pay for all of it upfront. So you will want to shop around to get the best deal.

This is where comparison sites can be a lifesaver. They let you compare prices of all-inclusive packages based on dates and location. So once again, less stress for you when booking!

Avoid peak periods

The peak vacation season, especially for exotic locations, is August. Plus, weekends are the busiest time to travel.

So, to save money, look for packages that are dated in either July or September. Remember, popular locations like Australia have their seasons inverted. Avoid traveling there in September. It will be cold!