Fundamentals of Video Surveillance Investigations


Surveillance is the heart and soul of private investigators working on different kinds of cases varying from insurance fraud, theft, marriage infidelity, child custody, visitation terms, and much more.

In simple words, surveillance is the process of closely observing a person, place, or thing to get all the details that can be useful for the case. Surveillance can be watching the footage of a store that was broken into to find the thief or watching a video of a store catching fire when an insuree comes to claim his insurance.

Technology is playing an important role in private investigation surveillance. With the help of technology, private investigators can get all the information related to the case easily.

There are different approaches to surveillance for private investigations in NJ that are being followed by every PI. Out of all, video surveillance investigations are becoming really poplar.


In the blog, we discuss about the fundamentals of video surveillance investigation in NJ.

What is video surveillance?

Video surveillance uses images and videos to get all the information and evidence related to the case. They use CCTV cameras to capture a person’s activities, whereabouts, and other important information for the case.

When is video surveillance used?

Video surveillance is used in different circumstances by private investigators in NJ. These situations include fraud investigation, criminal investigations, child support investigations, Insurance fraud investigation, corporate espionage, marriage infidelity investigation, and much more.

Why is video surveillance investigation is so important?

Videos are the best and reliable ways to solve a criminal or a domestic case. It is essential to follow all the surveillance laws, and the private investigator needs to aware of the same. Sometimes the PIs need to follow the court process to gather videos as proof for the case.

Different types of video surveillance 

Different types of surveillance are used to cater to the needs of the investigation.

  1. Video Surveillance for home security: This type of video surveillance is used to monitor all the home activities when you are not at home. You can depend on these security surveillance types to ensure you are safe at home and all the people inside your home are reliable.
  2. Property video or photography surveillance: This type of video surveillance is used to ensure that your investment is safe while you are away. You can use this type of evidence if there is any case of fraud, employee dishonesty, or other business issues.
  3. Target video surveillance: An investigator uses this type of surveillance to record one person’s events. This type of surveillance is used in cases involving cheating, employee investigations, criminal investigations, and much more. The private investigator in NJ should be trained and knowledgeable about the current privacy and surveillance laws before going ahead with such investigations.

Different types of video surveillance Investigation Technologies 

Now there are many different types of surveillance technologies that can help the PIs in their investigations.

CCTVs are one of the best ways to find evidence. Since fixing a CCTV is pocket-friendly and a reliable source of evidence, many people worldwide use it. CCTVs record all the activities while you are away. This type of technology is used at home and in public places that require surveillance.

Digital video cameras help capture high-quality images and sound. They are used to monitor and capture events and can be saved onto the computer for later use.

The other video surveillance equipment includes cameras & on person equipment such as still cams and AV devices, and Board cameras that are tiny in size. The images from these kinds of cameras are viewed on a computer or other devices to make them easier while collecting evidence.

Are you looking for private investigators providing video surveillance investigations NJ? It is really important to hire someone who is highly-experienced and has all the knowledge required for carrying out an investigation. The private investigator you choose should also be aware of all the surveillance rules and regulations and legally carry out all the investigations.