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Interested in buying a used Honda car?  This is a great idea, but in this situation, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.  With an irresponsible approach, you can choose a low-quality vehicle with a huge number of problems and shortcomings that may adversely affect operation in the future.  It all depends on the age of the car and how well the previous owner looked after it.  If the vehicle has not been properly maintained for some time, then most likely it has various technical malfunctions.  If the owner keeps silent about them, then after some time their repair can seriously hit your budget.

Yes, Honda cars are famous for their reliability, but absolutely any car becomes unusable over time.  And even if everything is fine with the technical part, it still does not mean anything.  The instance you choose may have a ton of legal issues.  Potentially, it can even be stolen.  In order not to get into an unpleasant situation and not to buy such a vehicle for yourself, you need to carefully check it and find out all the details about it.  This can be easily done with a quality Honda VIN decoder.  An example of such a service is EpicVin.  This is an efficient decoder that will give you the complete history of the desired instance in just a couple of minutes.  And in order to use it, you only need to know the vehicle identification number.

What is VIN:

The VIN is a unique 17-digit vehicle number.  It encodes the brand of the vehicle, its characteristics, year of manufacture and much more.  Identification numbers are applied to those parts of the body or chassis that are not particularly affected in an accident.  They are also applied to manufactured number plates.  VIN codes are used all over the world according to a single standard.  Thanks to them, every car in the world can be uniquely identified and basic information about it can be obtained.

The VIN code can be considered a reliable identification of the car, which is almost impossible to falsify.  Of course, this does not stop scammers.  What is sad, they are able to deceive the victim, while using the usual human inattention.  After all, it is difficult to redo the code throughout the machine, and if a person checks only the most easily accessible places, then you can try.  That is why you should find as many places on the vehicle as possible where this code is located and compare the VIN written in each of these places.

Where to find Honda VIN number:

Most often, the Honda identification number is located in the following places:

  • Near the driver’s seat at the bottom of the arch. The number plate is only visible if the driver’s door is open.
  • Under the driver’s seat. In order to see the identification number, you need to move the driver’s seat and fold back the carpet
  • Under the hood. VIN code is stamped on a special marking plate, which is fixed in a convenient place for viewing with rivets or screws
  • On the dashboard. Usually in this place VIN is located only on expensive models.

In general, you need to understand that the cipher will be located mainly in the most inaccessible places.  This is necessary to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to fake it.

In addition to the body itself, VIN must be written in the documents for the vehicle.  It is very important to compare the code that is in the documents with the code that is on the machine.  They must match.  If this is not the case, then immediately and without hesitation refuse to buy such an instance of Honda, because with a high probability they stole it and are trying to sell it.

How to decipher Honda VIN number:

  1. The first three characters are the manufacturer’s code. The first digit is the code of the continent, the second is the manufacturer, the third is the type of car. For example:
  • JHM – Honda, which was made in Japan;
  • 2HK – Honda, which was produced in Canada.
  1. Positions 4 to 6 indicate the model, body type and engine. For example:
  • EP1 – Civic;  4 liters;
  • 3-door hatchback.
  1. The seventh position tells about the type of body and transmission.
  • 1 – 2-door coupe, manual transmission
  • 2 – 2-door coupe, automatic transmission
  • 3 – hatchback, manual transmission
  • 4 – hatchback, automatic transmission
  • 5 – 4 – door sedan, manual transmission
  • 6 – 4 – door sedan, automatic transmission
  • 7 – 5 – door station wagon, manual gearbox
  • 8 – 5 – door station wagon, automatic transmission
  1. The eighth position contains information about the configuration. For example:
  • 0 Sport, 2.4 Type S ACCORD PETROL TOURER
  • 6 – Type R premium, 1.6SE with CIVIC 3D navigation system
  1. The ninth character is the check digit. Most often it is 0.
  2. Tenth position is the model year
  • X – 1999
  • 6 – 2006
  • Y – 2000
  • 7 – 2007
  • 1 – 2001
  • 8 – 2008
  • 2 – 2002
  • 9 – 2009
  • 3 – 2003
  • A – 2010
  • 4 – 2004
  1. Eleventh position is the place where the car was made. For example:
  • A—Marysville, Ohio, USA
  • C – Saitama Factory (Sayama), Japan
  • D – Malaysia
  • F-Taiwan
  • H – Ontario, Canada
  1. Positions 12 to 17 are the serial numbers of the car.

What you need to use Honda VIN decoder for:

The VIN decoder will help you avoid being scammed by unscrupulous sellers when you buy a used car.  It will show you all information about the vehicle.  For example, whether he has any legal restrictions and whether he was in an accident.  In some cases, you can even see the nature of the damage and photos from previous sales of your chosen copy.  In addition, you will see if the car is stolen, its real characteristics and real mileage.  All this will give you the opportunity to find a really high-quality vehicle for yourself without any serious problems and at a bargain price.  A great decoder option for checking Honda vehicles is EpicVin.  The service provides only verified data, so you can always be one hundred percent sure of the accuracy of the information received.

If you want to use this program, you need to go to the site, write the VIN in a special line and click on the button to start the verification process.  After a couple of minutes, everything will be ready and you can see a huge amount of useful information.

VIN decoder Honda is a very useful program that will allow you to find a quality and reliable Honda car.  Thanks to him, you will learn about all the hidden malfunctions of the vehicle and will be able to refuse to buy a bad copy.  So if you’re looking to buy yourself a used car, be sure to use EpicVin to get the best deal possible.