5 Upcoming Tech Trends That Will Impact Our Lives In 2021


The tech wave triggered by the coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed our lives and business operations.

Since more and more homes are connected to the Internet (I was just getting Spectrum Internet for my grandparents), and people are using their mobile devices to complete actions like never before, the tech Spectrum has been affected just like any other industry of the world.

What are the forms of technology we will see dominating the coming year, you ask? Here’s what’s coming:

1: 5G Technology will be Mainstream

5G has successfully rolled out in various regions, and it’s going to rule the coming age of telecom. Faster speed, dependable connection, different appliances, these are some of its application. 5G is fast, extremely fast. Here are the average 5G speed measures in different states:

New York = 350 Mbps

Los Angeles = 380 Mbps

Las Vegas = 220 Mbps

Chicago = 550 Mbps

Dallas = 450 Mbps

2: Artificial Intelligence for Data Collection

AI is an emerging technology with several applications. Soon it will be deployed in every part of our lives. As Artificial Intelligence is intertwined with IoT, a new type of transformation is expected to happen. Both technologies have the power to make the IoT ecosystem smarter and efficient.

The pandemic has made everyone believe that AI has a greater role in healthcare. An enormous amount of data has been collected to detect the pattern of COVID-19 and spot the vulnerable sections. AI has worked for the better to curb the spread of the virus and loss of life. It’s expected that AI algorithms will get robust and they will help understand customer behavior even better than before.

3: Internet of Behaviors

IoB is a budding trend. This term is coined in Gartner’s tech predictions for the year 2020. It extends beyond IoT. It is through devices’ interconnection which results in the collection of new data sources. This data might be specific to a consumer, and it can be non-consumer information as well.

It’s easy for companies to know about your interest, likes, dislikes, purchases, and a lot more. All this happens through a single device such as a smartphone that tracks your online movements and creeps into your life to learn more about you.

This is how organizations are leveraging tech for monitoring behavioral events and managing data to improve experiences. Gartner says by the end of 2025, half of the world population will be subjected to at least one IoB program.

4:  Acceptance of the Anywhere Operations

It’s another strategic trend. It refers to an online model that supports customers wherever they are, and enable employees to manage the deployment of business services everywhere.

Suddenly, this has trend has become the need of the hour in Europe and America especially. Most organizations in these countries were able to support remote employees quickly. But employees are not the only ones who have gone remote, customers have become remote as well. People need products and services wherever they are. Gartner has predicted that as the year 2023 ends, 40 percent of businesses will employ the “anywhere operations” to offer optimized customer and employee experiences.

5:  Autonomous Delivery is the Future

Get ready for a wave of AI-driven robots bringing you your parcels via roads and the sky. In the logistics business, the hardest part about delivering a parcel is the last mile. It is expensive, time-consuming, and it requires labor.

A solution to this problem comes in the form of autonomous delivery. Using Artificial Intelligence, machines will learn how to navigate the complexity of the city. And if it’s a drone, it will fly safely and deliver the parcel to the destination address.

Initially, these machines might assist humans instead of being independent since robots can’t climb stairs. But as the infrastructure for this delivery model is built, the number of autonomous machines seen on the road and in the sky will increase. Obviously, the sophistication of robots will increase as well.

Summing Up

2020 has been a challenging year, but the tech revolutions it has brought have transformed business models in large and small organizations alike.

I was watching the news on my Spectrum TV and was amazed to see the acceptability of telemedicine all over America. This development has been pushed by the pandemic as well. These are some of the expected tech trends to rule 2021 and change our lives for the better.