Ultimate Guide to Gain Subscribers on YouTube


You have a YouTube channel. Thumbs Up! You have even set up several advertisements. Again a Thumbs Up! You even have a robust and effective YouTube marketing strategy in place. Fine, a Thumbs Up yet again!

But there’s a major problem here.

Your subscribers on YouTube are not multiplying. You have your friends, coworkers, and cousins duly subscribed, but they are not really engaging with your visual content on the platform.

Now what?

How can you transform the viewers of your YouTube videos into subscribers? Well, this is not an easy thing to do. Essentially, if you really want loyal subscribers, you will have to produce relevant, engaging, and top-quality content. This is important because only when the viewers go through your content will they decide on whether they would like to subscribe to your channel or not.

If you are looking to grow by 10X amount, you cannot just depend on your cousins, friends, and coworkers as subscribers. Here is the ultimate guide that will help you gain YouTube subscribers while increasing engagement at the same time.

Partner with the YouTube Influencers

With the substantial increase in the popularity of different social media platforms, influencers have also got a new medium of income. More and more brands are now using influencer marketing to gain subscribers.

Influencer marketing involves a definite procedure that brings in subscribers to a YouTube channel. The process works like this: the influencers have a huge fan following and many subscribers themselves.

When they market or promote the products and services of any brand or company, they directly influence the purchasing decision of their respective followers and subscribers. Now the modern customers have greater chances of going by the recommendations of these influencers to make wise purchase decisions.

This is why it is always beneficial to work with YouTube influencers. It works amazingly when it comes to increasing the count of YouTube subscribers. Your videos get published on the channel of the influencers, along with a link to your own YouTube channel.

You can easily partner with many YouTubers and vloggers to get more subscribers and boost the presence of your brand on YouTube in the most effective manner.

Offer Value to the Audiences Right Away

YouTube itself puts forward that videos and channels with higher watch time have more chances of turning up in the recommendations and search results. But the problem here is how you can increase the watch time of your videos.

For this, you need to work on two important things. They are delivering value through your content immediately and giving value to the time of your viewers. The first few seconds of any video are very important as the click-away rate in these few seconds is the most.

So, if you are creating a video to explain or teach something about your product or service, start delivering the message right away. You can even incorporate some of the most attractive special effects, graphics, animation, and music to grab the attention of the viewers right away and to keep them glued to your content.

Work diligently on the content of your videos instead of promoting your products. You can handle the promotions at the end of the video. Avoid talking about your product or where to buy it initially. Simply work on the main content of your video to keep the audience hooked.

The best is to use a YouTube video editor for creating top-quality visual content that not only hooks the audiences but eventually converts them into subscribers. Keep the introduction short but do not forget to make it flashy. And yes, the theme music is very important!

Make an Enticing Channel Trailer

Making an enticing and interesting channel trailer is probably one of the best ways to promote your YouTube channel and get people to subscribe to the same. Pin the trailer right on top of your channel’s home page, so it plays automatically when someone visits your channel.

This is one good way of helping unsubscribed visitors understand what they can expect from your channel. You must create an attention-grabbing trailer to get the best outcomes. Also, ask the new visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel for the latest updates.

Always Try Sticking to a Specific Content Schedule

This requires a bit of planning. Plan and then stick to a proper content schedule to grow the count of your YouTube subscribers. Work on a proper posting schedule so your viewers and subscribers will know when to expect new content on your channel. It also helps in keeping your video production team on an editing and filming schedule.

Always try posting videos on your YouTube channel right at the start of a week. And post twice during the week. There can be a few cheat days in between. If you want to be consistent in posting visual matters and stick to the schedule you have already framed, it works to create videos in advance.

Working on your videos in advance and keeping the finished ones in store will help you go by what you have planned. You will never fail to surprise your audiences by sharing videos on a definite schedule.

This further helps build trust as the customers get a clear picture of your sincerity, honesty, and discipline in running a business. Obviously, bring some changes in your videos every now and then so your customers will not get bored of the content on your channel.

The Bottom Line

The key to gaining subscribers on YouTube is experimenting and exploring constantly. Remember, only when you try the absurd way will it help you achieve even the most impossible objectives.

A content marketing strategy for a YouTube channel that worked for someone else might not serve as advantageous for your channel. So, it works to experiment with different ideas and concepts continuously while sticking to the methods that work.