Top Technology Trends in Entertainment


The entertainment world is changing all the time, meaning that there are constantly new and exciting ways to play and get creative. Here are some of the top tech trends that you might encounter in the entertainment industry in 2022.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become a big deal in recent years. For instance, many video game developers have started to integrate virtual reality into their console games, allowing users to immerse themselves in fantasy worlds and foreign lands from their sofa. This has helped to rejuvenate the gaming experience and allow people to feel as if they are actually within the game that they are playing, as the main character. However, VR will expand even further in 2022 with the use of this technology in escape rooms. So, if you want the thrill of trying to escape from a room that is, by all intents and purposes, in another world, you should consider visiting a virtual reality escape room near you.

2. Artificial Intelligence

From the moment that artificial intelligence started to be used more often, it became clear that it would not be long before entertainment companies were using it to cultivate the gaming and entertainment experience. For instance, streaming services now use AI to personalize recommendations for movies and television shows, as well as to generate more accurate subtitles for those that are hard of hearing or need subtitles to help them to follow the action on-screen. Not only this, but artificial intelligence has also started to be used in video games to ensure that non-player-controlled avatars can move naturally around the virtual world and make decisions that replicate those of humans.

3. Face and Voice Recognition

Face and voice recognition is also starting to become more popular in the gaming and entertainment industry. As well as ensuring that only you can access your accounts, this technology can help the game respond to your moods and can ensure that you can create avatars that are more accurate embodiments of yourself, such as copying your facial expressions. Not only this, but voice recognition can also ensure that you do not have to move a muscle to play a game and that you can play it from your sofa instead, with many people playing games on their voice assistants. This pairs nicely with the motion control that has been evident in gaming for some years, as this gave people more control over the way that they gamed and encouraged them to be more active when gaming.


4. Wearable Tech

Now you can carry all of your games around with you due to the advent of wearable technology. This wearable tech ensures that you are never far from the entertainment of your choice and that this entertainment can interact with you and your environment. Where the only wearable tech that was around was fitness trackers, now smartwatches offer a variety of games that can help you to stay entertained and fight off boredom when you are out and about.