Top tech skills to acquire by 2020- and the courses to get you there.


No wonder, the folks who were skeptical about the power and reach of Information Technology are now patronizing it. People have never in their wildest dream, predicted a situation like this we are dwelling in. Remote work is the new norm of work life. Scientists & socio-psychologist have stated that human confinement to homes has a significant impact on human nature, his surroundings, and habits. In this age of sheer ambition, determination, and technological advancement, when a private corporation is making its dream project of flying to space a massive hit, how far people could be effective at work from home is the new question they have for the world.

Technological advancement has not only served as a cushion in these hard days but also has exhibited its prowess and extent to one and all. With such thoughts in mind, this article has brought some of the groundbreaking and progressive tech skill and courses that not only fits the needs of the VUCA world but also closely shapes it to be more versatile and predictable.

 Artificial Intelligence

Those days are nearer than we think when robots with their positronic brain will take most of our decisions. Gradually artificial intelligence has become the science of certainty due to its machine learning capabilities that catch pattern and takes analytical decisions.

Certifications like AI Engineer by IBM that is a master’s program and suitable for developers aspiring to be an AI engineer or information Architects, machine language learners and for graduates who want a career in AI can opt this terrific certification, that not only boosts earning potential but also chalks out a new and unexplored career pathway, full of research and innovation, where every day is a progression to future.

The growth phase of the AI needs protection from cybercriminals and thus courses and certifications like CDPSE or certified data Privacy solutions Engineer that is an offering of the famous association ISACA. With CDPSE certification, a professional can confirm a job within the AI domain.

Virtual Reality

Needless to say, our gaming world and the outlook has transformed tremendously from the first-gen Odyssey series to Oculus Rift VR games. This wide development within a timeframe of 30 years is due to the confidence of ambitious developers who never fail to impress through their attention to details. Augmented and Virtual Reality is a big shark in the IT world.

Google has always been a great admirer of AR and VR since its ideation. The best certification which one should pursue before 2020 ends are undoubtedly the Google AR & VR certification. It will open a plethora of opportunities for a certified professional.

IT support certification

A survey by PayScale & ZipRecruiter reports that in this ever-expanding Business world where IT forms the backbone for integrating all the functions as a whole still lacks the workforce and is short of 36%. This shortage is expected to be filed within 2030. Some organizations can afford, so they have a full-fledged IT team that consists of experts in every domain of IT.

Certifications like CompTIA A+ can serve a great penetrator for non-IT people in the IT market & can fetch well-paid jobs in the Help desk.


Whether it’s AI, Blockchain, VR, Cloud Computing, IoT, or data science or even mobile development, every subject is futile without proper security. The US Department of Health reports this month that the research system that was working in making Corona Virus vaccines was attacked by Russian cybercriminals to breach in and leak information. But with God’s grace, the US has the most secured IT environment. Cyber-attacks are a formless and new form of war. Today a Cybersecurity expert is no less than a soldier in the war zone; the situation has equated these two professions in terms of Intel and critical information assets.

There many Cybersecurity certifications available in the market offered by eminent associations and consortiums like ISACA, ISC2, CISCO, and CompTIA et cetera. The best entry-level Cybersecurity certifications are CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker, CompTIA Security +, CySa+, CCNA, MTA, CCSP et cetera.


If you have just graduated freshly, in Computer Science, then these are the trends you must know that will be the future of IT. You can tailor your dreams with these trends and make the best use of your quarantine time. Above all these, you can also look into Mobile development, Data Science, Python, and cloud computing they come next in the list.