Top 9 Must-Know Fashion Trends 2018


We are living in times of instantaneous gratification, and that combined with the fact that fashion is as dynamic as ever, means a trend, brand or piece can die or live in a heartbeat.

It’s even more challenging if you’re trying to comb through different fashion trends.Well, relax I get it.
So, I’ve put together a list of top 9 fashion trends that fits your needs and budget. Take a look and choose the best trend to adopt.

 Baker Boys Hats

Among the hottest accessories for ladies in 2018 is the baker boy hats. You can comfortably wear them to any event. However, most people prefer them in the colder areas.
Available in various colors; back, white to mixed plait, this hat had started as a men’s wear. It’s, however, turning slowly into a trending girl’s fashion across the globe. Guess it will not hurt to share with your girlfriend or boyfriend, right?

Improve your style and fashion taste with this hat. Well, most fashion trends in 2018 include a new item like a new shoe or a freaking warm hat design.

In most runaway shows, designers were showing this hat accompanied with corduroy, fur and leather fabrics. Well, besides these, you have the luxury to choose any other wear that matches with this hat. Facing a bad day, the baker boy’s hat is your savior.

 Wide-Leg Trousers

Do you prefer trousers to skirts? Well, wide-leg pants are the super trendy wear you should try.
It’s advisable to try and mix up the different types of trousers in your collection. Well, most people love the idea of tight, slim and stretchy jeans. Perhaps it’s time you tried something different.

The wide-leg trousers are quite flattering and work best for most women. If you want an official look, match it up with any floral blouse. A sparkly tank top and a blazer give you a perfect dressed-up evening look.


Maybe you know velvet from the 80’s. But it’s slowly sneaking its way to the world of fashion.
Most fashion stores are making huge sales selling items using corduroy. If you want a simple look in this outfit, start with a black corduroy skirt, it’s highly versatile.

You can also try a corduroy overalls as a different pattern. If you want to blend the two, go for a wide-leg velvet embedded trouser. Slip a classic button-down underneath; it gives an impressive look.

Such an incredible look needs the best pair of shoes. A pair of loafers will complement the already stunning look.

 Embellished Jeans

Embellished jeans are still a significant trend in this year.

Fashion sellers are now spicing regular denim jeans by adding sequins, pearls, and funny patches.
Well, if you love this style, you can also embellish your denim jeans to your tastes and styles.

 High Necklines High necklines are driving the fashion industry abuzz. They’re flattering works perfectly with almost all body shapes.

If you want to show your classy styles, a sassy dress including a high neckline is your pick. You can master the technique by trying a hot top and any complementary skirt.

 Fringe Benefits

Well, Fringe is back and more classic than ever. If you want to try it out, it’s already surfacing on skirts, bags, and trimmed tops. It’s one of the funniest trends you need to try.

 Yellow Everything

The fashion color for 2018 is yellow. Millennial pink is a fantastic color that hit the fashion scene in 2017; things are however changing now.

Yellow dresses and bomber jackets have been spotted on runways in the fall.
You too can embrace this color and reignite the much-needed life in your wardrobe.

 Brand Logos

Remember back in the days when wearing brand names like Abercrombie and Hollister was huge?
Well, the trend is back, full strength.

In 2018, adorning logos for amazing brands like Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger is now the trend.

You can wear these brand t-shirts with a pair of high-rise jeans for a stylish and casual day outfit.

Interestingly, you can wear it some high heels and velvet cigarette pants giving incredible evening wear. You want to try it, go ahead and make your order.


Gingham is another stylish trend driving the market abuzz. But, it can be tricky to wear.

If you do it well, it’s sleek and chic. If you don’t, it’ll be more like a picnic table. If you want a more natural way to pull it off, opt for a romper.

Rompers give the best solution to any pattern you’re wearing in a unified fashion without the temptation to overdo it.
If you still have your rompers, don’t pack them up, yet. Gingham will be amazing this spring and summer.


If you’re looking for an elegant outfit that fits the current fashion trends, you’ll need to exercise caution. Fashion trends keeps on changing every time. Whatever is fashionable today may not be fashionable tomorrow.
In this article, I’ve outlined the best trending outfits in 2018. Be sure to pick your favorite.