A Must Try: Top 3 Subscription-Based Anime Streaming Websites

Anime Streaming Websites

As you know, the pandemic has affected countless families from around the world. With people’s current situation, many of them are actually staying at home and prefer not to go out. With this, people have been working and studying at home. But that’s not the only thing you do at home. There are also things you need to do to keep yourself preoccupied.

When it comes to entertainment options, you might run out of options to choose from if you love watching movies. But, for anime fans, it’s the other way around. They can just log into their computer, smartphones, or tablets and watch the anime they love. But before you go ahead and watch your favorite anime, here’s a list of anime streaming websites you can check out.

Where Can You Watch Anime Online

If you wanted to watch anime only, free anime streaming sites could be suitable for you. But, these free sites are always full of unnecessary ads that could be frustrating and irritating. Some websites also play ads while you’re watching the video, and that could be pretty inconvenient. Most of these sites give you numerous links and mirrors before you can watch the episode.

On the other hand, paid or subscription-based anime websites require you to pay to sign up and use their features and services. Though the subscription cost varies, you should test out their free trials. Once you’ve signed up for their free trial, you’ll be able to watch anime with a better experience. So, here are some of the subscription-based anime websites you might want to try.

Amazon Prime Video

When it comes to one of the most popular subscription-based websites, Amazon Prime Video could be suitable for you. Despite having a limited catalog compared to the other websites, this video streaming platform is filled with new to old titles. The subscription plan for Amazon Prime Video costs $5.99 a month. This could be pretty affordable compared to the others.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming websites you can find on the internet today. Well, it may be the most popular among others. Well, Netflix is known to provide the best digital releases, from movies to TV shows. In addition to that, they also offer a series of anime seasons to keep their fans binging for hours.

When it comes to their subscription, they offer various plans to accommodate individual customers and groups. This type of subscription-based website is suitable for your family and friends who love watching anime. Netflix has many reviews when it comes to its services, as they are considered to be more efficient than the other anime websites.

In addition to that, they also allow people to choose if they prefer dub or subs. Every anime series has various languages that you can choose to boost your interest. When it comes to the anime titles available, they have some of the most popular animes such as Kimetsu No Yaiba, Attack on Titan, Yuyu Hakusho, and of course, Naruto. They offer $8.99 for one screen, $12.99 for two screens, and $15.99 for four screens.


If you’re looking for a subscription-based website, particularly for anime, Crunchyroll could be the perfect choice for you. With this website, you can enjoy different types of animes and Japanese dramas. Crunchyroll is considered to be one of the top lists because of its expansive library. Which means they have the oldest to the newest anime series.

So, if you’re looking for a website that pretty much has all of your favorite animes, you can check out Crunchyroll by subscribing to their 14-day free trial. Its fan subscription currently costs $7.99 a month and for mega fan costs $9.99 a month.


Looking for the best anime website could be overwhelming because of the various choices you can find on the internet. But, if you wanted to try out subscription-based anime streaming sites, you might want to consider having one on the list above.