Tissot: Ultimate Timepieces for Nobles and Athletes


The watchmaking industry has regarded Tissot as timepieces for champions. These affordable luxury watches are the official timekeeper of several athletes, official sports events, and even celebrities. If you are looking for your first luxury watch, Tissot offers a long list of watch models for you to choose from. Get to know some of them below.


What better way to start your collection with a timepiece coming from their Classic collection. These Tissot Watches are mostly designed with 38 mm stainless steel or leather and feature a Swiss-made ETA movement, providing optimum accuracy.

One of the best Classic Tissot watches to gift your male colleagues and relatives is the T-Classic PR 100 Quartz Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch. This wristwatch model is perfect for every occasion for its simplicity and stainless steel case with a black dial and luminescence finish. It also features an ETA Caliber F06.111.


Though Tissot is considered to be a mid-range luxury watch brand, it has not fallen short of gold watches. Tissot’s T-Gold series utilizes 18-carat gold into their timepieces, particularly in their cases and straps. The 75% pure gold proves Tissot’s dedication to elegance and luxury in their designs.

The T-Gold collection also offers a variety of watches such as quartz, manual, mechanical, and automatic. Lately, Tissot has applied the chronograph function and leather strap on most of its T-Gold collection.

T-Gold Black Dial is the best pick for both ladies and gentlemen. The timepiece is connected by a black leather strap and has a black dial. With its gold bezel, the T-Gold Black Dial truly manifests elegance and sophistication suitable for any formal or work events.


You might have seen noblemen and even farmland owners using pocket watches in the 17th century from movies or books. It symbolizes wealth, luxury, and a reminder of several appointments. Today, pocket watches are sought after by collectors and even sports coaches.

If you want to add a pocket watch to your collection, Tissot’s T-Pocket collection offers several models designed with gold, stainless steel, and silver. Most of them are mechanical and quartz powered.

Timepieces from the T-Pocket series are ideal gifts for collectors! Tissot Savonnette hits owners with nostalgia as it features Tissot’s historical logo. It comes with golden and palladium brass case variations for both men and women.


Tissot has made things easier for women to search for watches that will fit their needs. They have a list of luxurious watches in their T Lady section. Tissot has carefully crafted timepieces under the T Lady list with feminine features perfect for every occasion for every woman. It is the perfect accessory for every outfit.

Tissot does not shy away from colors for its feminine customers. The TISSOT LADY HEART features diamonds and elegant straps. It also features a flower detail near the 12 o’clock mark. The color varies depending on the TISSOT LADY HEART model. Ideal for a woman on the go! It complements any casual clothing.

Tissot Heritage

Tissot works hard on combining history, culture, and traditional timepiece specifications to their watches. Thus, the creation of Tissot Heritage. Their designs emit vintage and elegance. Tissot Heritage watches are perfect for collectors and people looking for timepieces fit for everyday use.


Tissot has been the official NBA Timekeeper since 2015. Ever since then, Tissot timepieces have become known to be the timepiece for games and champions. The stunning sports collection has been the choice for both amateur and professional athletes. If you are into sports, you can never go wrong with Tissot’s T-Sport Collection.

Who says that sports watches need to be only in leather and rubber straps. Tissot has pushed its sports watches to not only be for games but also any occasion. The TISSOT PRC 200 CHRONOGRAPH combines Swiss quality and craftsmanship for formal and sports occasions.

The TISSOT PRC CHRONOGRAPH features a stainless steel case and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The dial also comes in colors such as blue, black, and white, depending on the variant. The strap also comes in stainless steel.


The T-touch collection is the product of Tissot’s innovation. Under this collection, users can tap on the sapphire crystal glass for several purposes to cater to the demands of the new generation. It is crafted with precise synchronization and chronograph.

Currently, most of its watch models have black dials. A perfect example of the T-Touch collection’s exemplary models is the TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR. They offer a variety of straps such as synthetic with colors varying from orange to green and stainless steel


Tissot is one of the best Swiss brands offering several timepieces for everyday wear, sports, and special occasions. It is the perfect brand for budget-minded watch enthusiasts. Own a Tissot luxury watch today!