Tips To Write A Perfect Essay


Writing an essay is not a simple expression of everything that comes to your mind on any subject. Rather, a serious composition requires more intensive effort and care. To do this, to follow certain rules when writing an effective and efficient essay, the principles of essay writing should be fulfilled, respectively.

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The following steps you need to follow for an effective and efficient essay writing;


With a university education, preparation is made for a profession, and the accumulation required by that profession is tried to be transferred. What the enlightened person needs to know is not limited to his profession, interests, environment, and period. It is noticed that there will be more or less words for almost every question posed to him. Thus, the first steps are taken for the accumulation of knowledge.


 Now, it is time to choose the subject to be spoken or written on. Attention is paid to ensure that the subject is suitable for research, which has abundant resources and which is of interest to the person and whose boundaries are defined.


Where irregularity, disorganization, difficulty, tastelessness and rude manifests itself in the absence of the plan, similar defects will manifest immediately in the written or oral composition revealed without planning. Essentially, good writing or speaking is not unplanned.


The title is the name of the post or speech topic. A good title attracts the reader and urges them to read your whole written essay. To select the topic for your essay must care that your topic should be;

  • Short and concise,
  • Remarkable and intriguing,
  • Relevant to the subject,
  • Effectively expressing the main thought,
  • Easily spoken and catchy,
  • It must be informative about the content of the article.

If you pay attention to movie titles, book titles, article titles, news titles, etc. it is seen that they have the qualities mentioned above.

It is possible to select a broader range of topics for event writings, while choosing the topic, the subject matter, or the main idea as appropriate titles for thought writings: where the event takes place; event hero; the name of the event; the hero of the event and the location of the event; like the action that is the essence of the event. Here are some examples of titles to give you an idea of ​​what can be used as titles:

  • Science and Technology
  • Facebook should be banned
  • Impact of gadgets on kids
  • Social media and education
  • Dormitory Feelings

In an essay, add headings and subheadings and must follow a proper structure and formatting.


A section of a manuscript, from the beginning of a line to the beginning of another line, is called a paragraph. A paragraph is considered as a unit of thought that expresses a particular part of a broad subject.

Paragraphs are the units that have separate parts of an entire subject and have their integrity. In this regard, in a well-organized paragraph, sentences need to be clear, effective, and interconnected.

It is possible to separate the various main ideas in paragraphs because it is exhausting the reader not to divide a long article. Thus, the article is easy to read and understand.

The fact that the first line of the article starts slightly inside (paragraph shape) indicates that one part of thought or subject has been completed and switched to another part. Thus, the interest of the reader is continued, and the writing is easier to grasp.


The rules of language (from phonetics to sentence), vocabulary must be well known to write a good article or to make a successful speech.

Knowing the meaning of the words, the subtleties of meaning between them, and the ability of the language to express well will help the author (or speaker). It is, of course, not possible for the accumulation of this subject to occur at once. First, the person believes in the importance of the subject, reads abundantly, researches, do writing exercises, be patient, and spread it to time can win this accumulation.


After determining and planning the subject from the accumulation of knowledge (considering the characteristics of the paragraphs), writing should be started. However, it is worth noting that the feeling of being ready is directly related to the beauty of writing.

Before writing, it is useful to start by writing short articles. Even poems, short stories can be written as they are in order to gain a predisposition. Then, until you gain a style, plenty of essays should be done.

In this regard, I must share my experience. I got a book that compiled beautiful articles, I bought them. I read it all over. I like the style. I’ve heard the desire to access this style. I started by imitation. First, the best article in the book I chose. I have summarized the essential parts of each paragraph. I threw away the book.

A few days later, I tried to write these articles in accordance with the original, without looking at the book. I have seen that my stock of words is very weak. I occasionally confused my summaries; after a few weeks, I tried to revise the abstracts and reveal the text. These studies have improved my writing skills, and today I am serving my skills as a writer in Cheap Assignment Writing Service UK.


This is an important step one should not miss because by reading the whole essay after finishing it will help you to find out the mistakes. Because when we are writing, we just write and take our ideas out in an essay form.

While reading, we can check the structures, spellings, grammar, punctuations, and page layout. The quality of good expressions, such as compliance with criteria such as read carefully, if any errors should be corrected. Writing you present should be made clear and easy for everyone to understand.

I hope the techniques shared will help you to write a perfect essay for your schools or colleges and inspire your teachers. Best of luck for your next compositions.