Three Awesome Reasons to Go on Safari Tours


Do you love to travel? Would you like to travel while catching a glimpse of the amazing wildlife? If yes, an African safari tour should be on your bucket list.

Africa has fantastic sights, sounds and experience to offer. If you’re looking for a lifetime adventure surrounded by spectacular wildlife and unique landscape, an African safari is your answer.

To ensure you have a fun-filled, safe, and enjoyable experience, you must choose the best Safari Tours. Remember, the safari company you want can make or break your experience.

So, what do you expect to see in your Safari Tours?

Well, there’s no end to the bird life and wildlife to see on a safari. It’s not surprising to come across an animal you’ve never heard of in your life. The beauty of having a tour guide is that they’ll explain the habits and behaviors of these animals.

The big game wildlife you’re likely to see include lions, rhinos, elephants, and leopards. The location of the safari you take will determine what you see.

In this post, we’ll focus on the main reasons why you should embark on a safari.

An Opportunity to Witness “The Greatest Wildlife Show”

If you’re to plan a single safari, it has to be the Great Migration Safari. Spanning a scenic trek and an impressive circular, it’s the largest and most spectacular movement of animals.

Every year, millions of wildebeests and thousands of zebras and gazelles make their way between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

It’s an iconic African moment that you should experience. While it’s not easy to predict where the animals will be, professional Safari Tours will come to your rescue. They’ll advise on the best time to visit. Be sure to ask questions before paying for your booking ticket.

 Helps You Bond with Friends and Family

You’ll never forget the magical moments you experience during a safari. Such may include that moment you had to run away from a monkey that was after your snacks, or the time your heart almost stopped wondering whether the lion will eat you.

Sitting by an active fire, swopping wildlife stories, sipping drives, the watery eyes from the cold wind, and early morning game drives, are indefatigable moments. You’ll never forget them or the team you were with during these safaris.

A safari is, therefore, an opportunity to bond and strengthen any existing bonds. You’ll also meet people from different parts of the world; make new and lasting friendships.

An Opportunity to Connect With Your Wilder Side

Arouse your senses by moving to wild animals on a walking safari, or experience the hunting thrill by watching a lioness or leopard stalk their prey. Go for a night drive where you may see any of the big five animals. Alternatively, take a hot air balloon and get an aerial view of the game reserve.

Enjoy breathtaking activities like mountain biking, white rafting, mountain climbing, sky diving or water boating on various lakes at the Great Rift Valley. Be sure to follow the rules and guidelines by your Safari and Beach tour operators.

When is the Best Time to go for A Safari?

The best time to take a safari in east and southern Africa is between June and October. During this time of the year, there’s very little rainfall; making it easier to drive through the park. The animals will also be focused closer to the remaining waterholes.

With less rainfall, the vegetation will also be small making it easier to spot the animals. It’s also during this period that the great migration takes place.

The exact timing for this migration is dependent on the timelines for monsoon rains that years. Of course, with this vast migration, expect the lions, leopards, and other predators to follow the animals.


A safari holiday offers a fantastic experience for all-whether old or young. However, not all people in your entourage will be thrilled by the same adventure. For instance, you and your kids are likely to have a different itinerary. Therefore, it’s essential you look for a Safari and Beach tours that offer a custom package for a family with kids, including activities that will please all.