The Secret to Landing New Clients and Expanding Your Reach


One of the hardest parts of running a business is landing new clients. You can work your fingers to the bone, but if people aren’t visiting your website you won’t get new clients. Your web design and website traffic have to be phenomenal to ensure the right people are directed to your site.

So keep reading to find out how you can expand your reach and land new clients.

Find Your Niche

It doesn’t matter if you’re offering a service or selling a product, it’s important that you find your niche first. From there you can figure out exactly who your target market is and what the best way to target them is.


It’s impossible to cater to everyone, so rather pick a smaller target audience and design your marketing campaigns based on their wants and needs. It might sound like a good idea to cast as wide a net as possible, but you’ll just end up wasting money as people who will never interact with your business get shown your website.

You also have to set up your website based on your niche. Web design for law firms will differ from a more creative service.

Focus On Client Retention

Finding new clients is important, but you can’t neglect the clients you already have. Your best source of marketing material is your current clients. If you keep them happy then you’ll not only get more recommendations from them, but you can also ask them for feedback or to leave reviews.

Online reviews are a great way for potential new clients to decide if they’re going to work with your company. Reviews are just as trustworthy as personal recommendations, so try your best to get your current clients to leave reviews.

Cold Emails

Cold calls are out, cold emails are the way of the future. Similar to a cold call, cold emails are sent out to people you believe might benefit from your company. Usually, they haven’t interacted with your website in the past, so they haven’t heard of you at all.

The way you write and structure cold emails is almost as important as who you’re emailing. You need to take time to find out exactly how to create a cold email that has a higher open rate. You can browse some popular blogs or look at a few YouTube videos to get inspiration.

You should also consider checking the results of your emails. Look at the open rate and how many people that opened your emails actually clicked on a link. You can use this data to help you formulate your next batch of emails.

Land New Clients

Landing new clients is something you have to work on constantly. You can’t get lax or neglect your website or current clients if you want to succeed. Make sure your website reflects your services and shows potential clients how you can help them.