Steps to Selecting the Right Video Production Company in London

Video Production Company

Video production is hugely important when it comes to today’s marketing strategies. If you have a business that needs to explain its products or services, engage audiences, and showcase their company values and culture, video is the best method.

But let’s be honest…producing a high-quality corporate video isn’t a DIY project and can be quite an undertaking for an amateur to take on. It requires a professional team with the appropriate expertise and skill to do the job properly. That’s when choosing the right London video production company comes into play. Here are the steps to help you do just that.

1. Set Your Goals

You should have a clear idea of what you’re looking to achieve with your video before investing the time to research video production companies. This step is the foundation for the entire process. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be in a better position to know whether or not a particular video production company can handle it.

2. Browse Their Portfolio

When considering a video production company, you should take a look at the work that they’ve done for their clients through their portfolio and showreel. This will offer you a glimpse into their creative style and abilities, as well as the types of projects they’ve worked on previously. This step will also allow you to see whether or not they have the creative vision and skills to bring your intended project to life. One or more of the projects they’ve completed may even inspire your own.

3. Check Their Experience

Working with a video production company with experience in your industry means they know your audience, along with the opportunities and challenges in your space. It also means they’re more likely to know your industry’s current regulations and trends. So you wouldn’t have to spend time teaching them the basics of your industry.

4. Check Out Their Team

Your video’s success largely depends on the individuals working on it. Look for a company with an experienced team of professionals, such as writers, editors, videographers, and animators. They should have the right blend of expertise and skill in order to produce a high-quality video that fulfills your expectations.

Also, check out the company’s values and culture to make sure they align with your own. You’ll be working with them on a project that will last for weeks, if not longer, so you’ll want to feel good about working alongside them. They should also understand your vision and brand. This step should give you an idea of those you’ll be working with, and whether or not they possess the right combination of personality, experience, talent, and strategic vision to bring your project to life.

5. Consider Their Process

The video production company you choose should have an efficient and clear process to make sure your project runs smoothly from start to end. A company that values its process means that it takes its work seriously, and cares about providing the best possible result. This step will also help to ensure you that they will deliver a project on budget and on time.

Make sure the company is willing to communicate with you at every step of the process, from the initial concept to final delivery. This will give you peace of mind, as well as allowing you to spot any potential problems early on, so you can address them before they develop into bigger ones.

6. Check Out Their Technology

Whether it’s through cutting-edge editing software or the latest in camera equipment, the technology they use would significantly impact the final product. You want to feel confident that your video has the best chance to succeed, with the possibility of incorporating the latest techniques and trends. A video production company that values technology is a team committed to creating the best possible product. So feel free to be curious about what technology the company uses.

7. Ask for A Quote

Video production isn’t necessarily cheap. And you shouldn’t be looking to save on quality either. Look for a video production company that provides quality pricing and will work within your budget, but that also doesn’t compromise on quality. A good London video production agency would be happy to give you a quote, along with any other information you may need to inform your decision.

8. Read Their Reviews

It’s smart to read any reviews and testimonials from previous clients. They’ll offer you an idea of the company’s pros and cons, and what they’re like to work with. You’ll also get a feel for their professionalism and communication style.