Six Secrets to Raising Happy Kids


As parents, we all want the best for our children.

We want them to enjoy life, grow strong, find success, follow their dreams and experience parental love. In simple terms, we want to raise happy kids.

Probably you’re wondering, how do we make this happen?

In this article, we’ll look at secret tips for raising happy kids. Have a look.

Develop Connections

The easiest way to promote the emotional well being of your child is by making a connection. The connection may be to you, or your family members.

Developing the right connection makes your child feel loved, appreciated, acknowledged and wanted.

It’ll also help avoid emotional breakdown, suicidal thoughts, and risky behavior like engaging in drugs and alcohol.

So, how do you cement connections with children? Simple, respond with empathy to their cries, eat, laugh and snuggle together with them.

In the process of fostering this connection, it’s important to allow them to develop connections with other people.

Don’t Always Try to Make Your Kid Happy

Sounds confusing, right?

If you want to raise responsible kids, the least you should do is trying to please them in the short term. Well, I’m not saying that you ignore them, No.

You need to prepare them for the world and the life ahead. You can’t honor every request they make. The world doesn’t work in this way.

You have to recognize that you’re not responsible for your child emotions. If you don’t, you’ll have it rough when they express their frustration, sadness or anger. If your child doesn’t learn how to control these negative emotions, they’ll crush him or her at adolescence or later in life.

Once you realize that you aren’t responsible for their emotions, you’ll learn how to step back and let them discover their coping skills in their skills.

Praise the Right Stuff

Self-esteem and happiness are insuperable. It’s hard for your child to attain one without the other.

Since most parents know this intuitively, it turns them to overzealous cheerleaders. Take caution, heaping achievement praises on your kid can backfire badly.

If you only praise your child because of an achievement, they’ll think of it as a prerequisite to earning your approval. They’re afraid that if they don’t succeed, you won’t love them anymore.

Well, since you can’t withhold praise, learn to praise the right stuff. Rather than praising the outcome, praise the effort leading to that outcome. Praise the hard work, creativity, and persistence that helps them achieve, better than the achievement itself.

In this way, your kids learn that success requires practice and hard work. If they fail, they won’t feel bad or worried about what their friends may think of them.

Give Room for Success and Failure

Your primary role as a parent is to prepare your child to face the world head-on. Rather than praising your kids all day, present them with opportunities to absorb new skills.

Mastery of skills and not praise is what it takes your child to develop their self-esteem.

While it’s difficult to watch your kids struggle, it’s the only way they master their skills. Through these trials and errors, your child is able to crawl, stand, walk and even dress themselves.

Through this, they get the attitude that they can achieve anything. The attitude helps them overcome challenges and lead a happy life.

Give Them Real Responsibilities

Happiness is premised on the feeling that whatever we do matters and others value it. Without this feeling, people fear they may get excluded from the group.

As such, you need to send a message to your kids that they’re making unique contributions to your family. It helps them develop their confidence and sense of connection, the prerequisites to a happy life.

The trick here is to assign roles your child loves doing and which they can manage. For instance, you can have them refilling the family cat’s milk bowl or sorting spoons and forks at dinner.

Nurture Your Happiness

We’ve said, you can’t control the emotions of your child. However, you can control yours.

Since your child considers you as your role model, your mood matters. If you’re ever happy, you’ve got a possibility of raising a happy family.

As such, if you want to improve the well being and emotions of your child, work on your emotions first. Set aside some time to relax, rest and romance.

If your relationship with your spouse is healthy, the happiness of your child often follows naturally.


Being a parent, your main duty is to prepare your child for adulthood. In doing this, you need to ensure they are leading a happy and pleasant life.

While there are different ways to raise happy kids, it’s important to ensure that they also become responsible adults.

Raising children is not an easy task, but you also don’t want to raise them badly. Use these tips to nurture happiness in your kids.