Basic Information Regarding SBI PO Salary Structure and Exam Preparation


What makes the State Bank of India (SBI) a better choice for candidates preparing for Probationary Officer (PO) vacancies? The answer is very simple. The best and most formidable bank in India is considered to be the epitome of PO aspirants because of its excellent job profiles, remunerations, and perks. Due to immense vacancies and a nationwide approach, this bank conducts its own exams for recruiting the best performing candidates in the PO and clerical positions.

This year, the SBI PO Recruitment 2020 exam has been delayed due to the pandemic issues. The national-level exam is the prime stage for entry into the world of SBI and get the best benefits of a secured future. The exam is considered as one of the toughest government job exams aspirants prepare for. Hard work pays off and rewards the candidates with the best benefits. Let us discuss the ultimate benefits of becoming an SBI PO.

Salary and benefits of SBI PO

SBI PO is one of the most respected job descriptions one can pursue. As mentioned earlier, the exam is not an easy one to crack. When done, it offers the best benefits in terms of salary and perks. The more you become experienced, the higher you climb the ladder of hierarchy.

Let us discuss the basic features of SBI PO salary.

  • Basic Pay

It starts with INR 27,620 and is then incremented in four stages reaching up to INR 42,020.

  • Dearness allowance

The amount is decided to be 46.9% of the basic pay scale an employee is enjoying.

  • Compensations and allowances

The compensations and allowances SBI pays to an employee is absolutely remarkable. The bank even pays for furniture allowances (ranging up to INR 120,00). The accommodation cost ranges up to INR 29,500 for employees posted on urban branches. In rural areas, the minimum rent one can seek is INR 8,000. The employees can also enjoy fuel allowances up to INR 1300 when they do not have a vehicle. The total amount of compensation reaches up to INR 12.9 Lakh every year.

  • Other benefits

The other benefits that are included in the pay scale are travel allowance, furniture allowance, medical insurance, reduced rate of interest on bank loans, etc. The employees get 100% medical bill reimbursements. The family members enjoy 75% reimbursement of the healthcare bills. In a nutshell, the entire package is designed perfectly to support the employees from day one.

Development in SBI PO career

An SBI PO will eventually become an exceptional professional under the guidance and training of the management. On gathering more experience, he will be eligible to become a deputy manager. On progressing further, he will climb the hierarchical steps of management one after the other. These steps are manager, chief manager, assistant general manager, deputy general manager, and so on. The perks will continue to add up to the basic salary according to the position.

What do you need to become an SBI PO?

The aspirants willing to become an SBI PO will need to do the following.

  • Preparing for SBI PO exam

The first step is to prepare for the exam. As mentioned, SBI PO is considered to be one of the toughest exams to crack. The seats are limited and the cutoffs are higher than the PO exams of other public sector banks.

You will have to gather detailed information regarding the PO exam syllabus. Gather study material and the latest books on SBI PO exams from repute publishers. You can also seek classes from the online study portals to understand the subjects included in the syllabus.

  • Prepare a routine

Intuitively divide your entire day in such a way that you can concentrate on every subject properly. You will have to prove your prowess in every section to clear the cutoff set by the recruitment authority.

  • Practice and mock tests

The online portals prepare mock tests by following the exam patterns of SBI PO exams. This helps the aspirants to get accustomed to the exam pattern and type of questions. Giving mock tests will also assist you to analyze your progress and find out the weaknesses.

Becoming an SBI PO is a very common dream. Prepare for the cutthroat competition and ace the exam.