Say No To Bald Head To Walk Ahead


“A bald spot is like a lie; the bigger it gets, the harder it is to cover up.”                                                                                        Bald Brothers

Did you just saw a spot? Are you waiting to get completely bald? Don’t know what to do? Or are you afraid of hair transplantation? Don’t know where to go for a hair transplant in Guwahati? Or searching for the best hair transplants in Guwahati?

This the exact place where your questions get answered, so go ahead and get your answers.

First of all, if you see a spot, don’t wait for anything and head towards a doctor, don’t let that spot turn into complete baldness. Put your foot forward as soon as you see a spot.


The city of Assam, with beautiful hills and rivers, offers you the best hair transplants at a very cheaper rate. As it is known to be the fastest-growing city, it grabs the attention of people from almost every state for hair transplantation. The most attractive thing about hair transplants in Guwahati is, they provide treatment with promising results and that too at very low cost when compared to other cities and states.

What is hair transplantation?

Well, not going into the in-depth discussion, let’s have a brief view of hair transplantation. It’s a surgical technique, where a surgeon will pull out a hair follicle from part of your body called “donor site” and transplant it on a bald part, named as “recipient site.” This technique is not only used to treat baldness, but also to restore eyelashes, chest hair, pubic hairs, beard hairs, and eyebrows.

Procedure for hair transplantation

Pre-operative assessment

Few days before surgery, the patients abstain from using any medicines to prevent intraoperative bleeding.

Two methods can do hair transplants, and they are

1- FUT (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant) 

FUT is also known as ‘strip’ surgery. In the FUT procedure, a strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the scalp’s donor area.

2- FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

In FUE, there will be a series of tiny dot scars on the scalp. With multiple FUE procedures, more dot scars are accumulated, and the hair in the donor area is gradually thinned out. Surgeons and patients must ensure that there is adequate donor supply before going for FUE.

Post-operative care

The recipient area must be protected from the sun, and the patient can start shampooing after two days of surgery. Some of the transplanted hair automatically traumatize from their relocation, ay fall out after surgery. It is referred to as “shock loss.” But no need to worry, it’s a part of your hair growth and surgery. After a few months, new hair will begin to grow from that follicles, and hair will grow normally and relatively thick.


1. DHI International

DHI Medical Group is the world’s largest chain of hair restoration clinics. After the introduction of FUE in 2003, DHI innovated and launched the Direct Hair Implantation procedure in 2005. It is now considered the gold standard in hair restoration with the most reliable research advisory board and world-class facilities and US and EU patents. DHI continues to launch new treatments for various stages of hair loss.

2. Hair Harmony And You

HAIR HARMONY AND YOU is gestate by DR.SHAKTI RAJ JAMMULA, an MBBS doctor from Hi-tech medical college and hospital, BBSR under Utkal University (Orissa). He is a renowned doctor, with good experience in the hair transplantation, hair implants, and other aesthetic surgeries, he started his venture in the form of Hair Harmony and You.

3. Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic

It is one of the leading businesses in Hair Treatment Clinics. Dr. P. J. Mazumdar is the hair transplant doctor of Arogyam Hair Transplant Clinic. He offers FUE, Blunt Motorised FUE, in hair transplant and is the pioneer of FUE Hair Transplant specialist of Guwahati, Assam, and NE. He is the first and only American Board Certified Diplomat in Hair Transplant from the American Board of Hair Restoration Society in North East India.

He makes sure that all the procedures and counseling are performed strictly according to standard American and International ethical and technological guidelines.

4. Derma City Skin Clinic & Hair Restoration Centre

Among the most excellent Dermatologists in the city, this clinic is known for offering superior patient care.

5. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions

Dr. Paul’s has reserved the tremendous results of successfully hair fall treatment and skin treatment of patients. They believe in providing the best of their efficiency to treat the problems permanently and help you get back your Natural look & confidence. The best part of their treatment is that they also provide online treatment facilities. If you are unable to visit the clinic, you can take consultation online sitting at your home, and the medicines prescribed by the doctors will be delivered to your home.

We hope you got a clear idea of the direction you need to take. We have provided you with the best options to choose from. Good luck!