Restaurant Management Tips: Master the Art of Restaurant Management


“Offer a UNIQUE dining experience for your valued customers”.

Are you one of those restaurant managers who are tired of listening to the cliche restaurant management tips that aren’t executable? You might wonder how to manage a restaurant effectively amidst the chaos of the irate customers, employees not showing on time, and cutthroat competition. No worries, we give you 5 key restaurant management tips that will do wonders for your brand.

5 Key Restaurant Management Tips for your Eatery

Keep the Employee Morale High

Let’s suppose your chef isn’t able to deliver his best due to a health issue. Instead of yelling or shouting, you can be empathetic, suggest some good physicians, and grant him half-day off to consult with a doctor. Such small steps from your end can boost employee morale immensely and help you manage the restaurant like never before. You can also conduct regular meetings, appreciate top performers, and implement a rewards and recognition system for motivating your staff.

Always Put the Customers First

A visit by a celebrity guest who loves your dishes can change your fate overnight. The best way your restaurant brand can boost business significantly is through organic word-of-mouth publicity by satisfied customers. With the inresto’s complete restaurant management system, you’ll easily recognize your loyal customers, collect feedback, and implement changes that are just a click away.

Have a Robust Marketing Strategy

You can run promotions and ad campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook which is more cost-effective than traditional media. Another great way to market yourself subtly is to actively respond to the reviews posted on various review sites. You also need to keep an eye on the negative reviews and take corrective measures immediately. With inresto’s Campaign program, it’s quite easy for you to woo your customers through personalized and targeted SMS or Email campaigns.

Be Innovative

Come up with innovative ideas such as farm-to-table or launch a signature dish and as a consequence, build your unique brand that stands out in the market. You can also revamp your building such as installing a dumbwaiter lift, or improve your software such as restaurant billing software or build new employee scheduling software. These actions make your life much easier and lead to a huge amount of cost savings. With the employee scheduling software, you can easily view the details of employees working in a particular shift and replan your operations accordingly.

Lead from the Front

You might have come across nasty situations such as a diner yelling at you as the chicken curry was undercooked. You can face the situation head-on by personally approaching the customer, sincerely apologising for the mistake and offering another plate of chicken curry free of cost. Go one step ahead and waive off the entire bill amount to appease the customer and retain business in the long-term. That’s how you lead by example and show how to manage a restaurant rather than sending a waiter to handle the situation.

Apart from the above restaurant management tips, try to make work fun, and have close interaction with the employees to understand the pulse of the customers better.