Protect Your PDF Files With Gogopdf


There is a reason why we put passwords on our phones, tablets, or laptops. Mainly because we have personal information that we do not want other people to access. Privacy is one of the most significant values that must be upheld, especially in this day and age when access to information has exponentially grown. The risk of unauthorized acquisition is likely.

If we put passwords on our devices to avoid unpermitted access, the same should also be true to our documents. Just so, we would have additional security to data and information we consider private. In cases that your encrypted device happened to be unlocked, at least your files are safeguarded from any intruder—no risk of your confidential information being leaked.

Options on protecting your PDF file

Password protect PDF is, indeed, the best way to go. With the growing problems of privacy, there have also been growing numbers of software created to combat it. You can avail software that has a tool allowing you to put a lock on your data. The problem is that the price could be on the expensive side, and the hassle you will experience is undeniable.


If you cannot afford software or choose not to avail of it, you can also resort to online platforms. There are various platforms you can explore, which will be displayed in your search result. However, you cannot really assure the best quality with these platforms, as some may have questionable sources. Hence, we will be suggesting a platform to you.

GogoPDF, your go-to PDF protector

GogoPDF is the name of the website, which will be your best friend in securing your privacy. This web-based platform offers various services that have to do with PDF. Besides putting a password on your PDF, they also have tools that allow you to edit your PDF, change the orientation, convert, etc. All of which they do with their outstanding technology.

Reliable PDF file protector

The website is serious with their jobs of promoting privacy rights. Hence, they collaborate with their users to craft a password that will be difficult for anyone to guess. In encrypting passwords to PDF files, the creator will only accept passwords that are very particular in terms of letters, numbers, and combinations so you could create a strong password.

Moreover, the website uses top-notched SSL technology. SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an encryption protocol utilizing algorithms to mix up information encoded between two systems. Through this technology, cybercriminals will have a difficult time reading and altering the transferred information. Your data will have the best security.

Universal Access

Issues of incompatibility is almost always a concern in platforms online. There are devices that cannot work with specific websites, which is an inconvenience, especially if you are in a hurry. Hence, the creators of GogoPDF ensure that the website will work flawlessly with any platforms: devices, operating systems, and even web browsers.

In line with their goal of giving universal access, they also understand that some people do not have a large storage device. Consuming a device’s storage may weaken its performance. Therefore, the creators decided that the best option is a web-based platform that will not eat up any of your device’s memory and will only make use of a stable internet connection.

Privacy is upheld at all cost

The reason why this website is created is to safeguard privacy. This objective is carried out consistently on how the website operates. It uses a high-quality encryption tool to protect your uploaded files on the server, and it even has the feature of deleting your uploaded files an hour after the process is completed, so you would still have ample time to download.

How to Password protect your PDF file?

Upload the PDF you want to protect on the server. After doing so, type the password and ensure that it fulfills the requirements. With that, your file is already encrypted. You may send it to other persons via email or copy, paste, and send the link; either will do. You may also download your password-protected PDF file for your copy.


Privacy is an absolute right that should not be negotiated or debated upon. It is a part of our dignity as human beings, and even current laws protect it from being violated. To protect your information from being accessed by anyone, GogoPDF will be a few clicks away from you. With its high-quality service and extraordinary commitment to privacy, you are in good hands.