Planning a Trip to Disney World: 5 Activities You Should Do


With around 155,000 people visiting Disney World on its busiest days, you need to make sure you prepare your trip with care. If you organize well, you can beat the odds and turn your visit into a holiday you will never forget. So, if you are planning a trip to Disney World in the near future, what should you do to make it truly special?

Below, we offer five of the best suggestions to turn your Disney trip into a memory that will last forever.

1. Enjoy the Newest Attractions

Disney rides sometimes come and go as new franchises open up and the least popular options slide out. So, this year, check out the new Tron Lightcycle / Run ride and enter the grid to enjoy a high-speed adventure.

If you happen to visit EPCOT near the end of the year, you can also look into the new Journey of Water attraction. This beautiful trail allows you to see some of the joys of the pure element of water as you take a walk around EPCOT’s gardens. Learn more about preserving the balance of nature as you take in the cool, outdoor air and stretch your legs after some more heart-pounding rides.

2. Character Dining

For anyone from children to excitable adults, Disney character dining can be one of the most memorable indulgences of any day. While you enjoy your meal, Disney characters will come and interact with you and turn your time eating into something like a scene from a movie.

Everyone knows that talking to characters at Disney World is one of the best experiences, so get some one-on-one time with them here.

3. Trade Pins

Pin trading is a small collectible community that has appeared related to Disney locations around the world. After buying pins in their stores, you can trade them with other guests or with cast members. This allows you to build up a large collection you show off to others or keep for your private enjoyment.

4. Eat at Epcot

Epcot has such a wide variety of food; you could choose to eat anything. From Spanish tapas to Moroccan tagines to the German Biergarten, you will find something delicious to suit your needs.

5. Try Disneybounding

When packing for your Disney trip, finding what to wear will be a large part of the preparation. So, it might be time for you to think about Disneybounding.

Older guests are not allowed to wear costumes to the park. Still, this has not stopped people from planning their day’s fashion to reflect the styles of cast members.

Wear the colors and materials of your favorite character and fly their flag. If you meet the character, they may appreciate it!

Start Planning a Trip to Disney World

All the above options are available to anyone planning a trip to Disney World. Still, there is so much more to learn about preparing for the holiday of a lifetime, and we want to help you with that.

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