Proven Solutions for [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] Outlook Error


If you continuously face [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] error in the outlook, then read this post to know the proven solutions to fix it. However, there are many solutions available on the internet. But you have to be careful while applying for any solutions because if anything gets wrong, your PC or laptop gets into trouble.

Hence, we have covered only accessible and proven solutions that can perform by anyone if you don’t have tech expertise. So, let’s know about the major causes of [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] error and its solutions without further ado.

What are the causes of [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0]?

Following are the most common reasons that may cause the [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] error.

  • If the user is operating multiple accounts of outlook simultaneously, the pop up of error occurs.
  • Improper installation of the Microsoft Outlook application also creates such errors.
  • The pop-up of error appears when the user has not updated the outlook version.
  • Sometimes the pop-up of error occurs when the user has not cleared the cache and cookies of the outlook for a long time.
  • [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] error can be why a user is using a piracy version of the outlook.

How to solve [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] error? 

Finding a reliable solution that doesn’t cause any error in your laptop or pc is a little tricky. But you will be glad to know there we shared only 4 easy and best solutions that take only minutes to solve [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] error.

Let’s check!

First Method: Update the outlook with its latest version

If you are using an outdated version of the outlook, you get the errors like [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0]. So, to update it, these are steps you will need to follow.

  • Before updating the outlook, it is a must to check whether your PC or laptop supports the latest version or not. If it helps, then you can move ahead to the following steps. Otherwise, quit the first method and move to the second method.
  • To update the previous version of outlook, you will have to create a backup to find issues after the updates.
  • Visit the official site of Microsoft outlook and start updating its version. It will take a couple of minutes to revive the files in the older version.
  • You can choose the file transfer option to get a backup of files. In case there is a problem you can take help of customer support team.

Second Method: Clear the outlook’s cache and cookies

Another common reason of [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] error is not clearing cache. To resolve this issue, do the following steps and get back to your work.

  • Open the Microsoft outlook account and go to the file and option.
  • Then move to the clearing cache and cookies option.
  • It will take few minutes to clear the data, so wait.
  • Once the process is completed, log out all of your accounts and shut down the Pc or laptop.
  • Now restart the Pc/laptop and open the outlook account.
  • The problem is resolved.
  • If in case the problem persists, then ask the customer support team.

Third Method: Close duplicate accounts 

Sometimes doing multitasking becomes the valid reason for getting [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] error. If this is your case, then follow the given steps to resolve this issue quickly.

  • The error persists when the user is operating more than 2-3 accounts at the same time. One must remove the second account and operate one account at a time.
  • Whenever you are using outlook, ensure you are not using duplicate accounts, as it creates significant conflict between the both.
  • Users must remove the duplicates or multiple accounts created with a single name.
  • Once everything clear, you will see the error is resolved.
  • In case, it persists then apply the given fourth method.

Fourth Method: Use Auto repair tool

The auto repair tool is one of the best tools to fix all issues associated with the software. If you are having trouble with [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] outlook error, then use this tool and get back to your work.

  • Open the control panel and click on the tool’s function setup option.
  • Start the office 365 application and select outlook from there to repair.
  • Change the button at the start of the process, then apply the fix is required option.
  • Click on the fix button and follow all on-screen details to fix the issue.
  • Try to use its net version of the fixing tool.
  • Once done, restart the computer or laptop.
  • Check the error is resolved or not. If still, it appears, then you should contact the customer support team.

The Final Statement

Most outlook errors like [Pii_Email_9a5bdb203fdd29d227a0] occur due to improper installation of the outlook. The above-given methods are proven and approved by tech experts, so don’t take the stress. In case you need any help while solving the issue, you can contact its customer support team.

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