How to deal with [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error in Microsoft Outlook?


Are you looking for a way to fix errors in Microsoft Outlook? Are you fed up with this error popping up on your desktop? Well if you are looking for these answers then you have landed on the right article. In this article, we will tell about the reasons and the solution which helps in dealing with [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error.

So if you want to solve this problem and experience Microsoft Outlook in the most effective way, then continue reading to solve this problem once and for all.

Why [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error occurs?

As we all know that the software of Microsoft is one of the best recommended software for different purposes like PowerPoint presentation, writing, preparing invoices, sending and receiving emails, and many more. Nowadays, many people from the USA, UK, and many other countries face the problem of popping up errors on their screens while working on Microsoft Outlook.

Now there are many reasons for this error to pop up on your screen but the most common reason for the [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error is:

  • Using the outdated version of the Microsoft Outlook
  • Not clearing the cache and cookies of your account
  • Problem while installing the software
  • Using multiple accounts at the same time
  • Having corrupted and damaged data

These are the main reason for having the error but sometimes, there are other reasons too like if your computer system is having some issues, or your memories been crashed and other. So let’s find out how you can deal with these problems.

How to solve [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error?

If you are looking for ways to solve this Microsoft Outlook error, then there are the methods that you can use to solve this error. These methods will help you in solving [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error and make your software effective and run smoother so that you don’t have to stop your work in between. So let’s check out the methods to solve this error.

  1. Clearing the cache and cookies

One of the easiest methods to solve this error in Microsoft Outlook is to clear your cache and cookies. The cache and cookies section contains all the corrupted and damaged data of your account, so when you clear it, you clear all the damaged data which is responsible for this error. To clear the cache and cookies, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, open Microsoft Outlook and sign in to your account.
  • Then click on the ‘File’ that are present at the left top where you will find the option ‘clear cache and cookies.
  • When you click that option, all your damaged data will be cleared and you can efficiently run the software.
  1. Using Auto Repair tool

The auto repair tool is very useful if any of the methods is not much helpful. When you open this auto repair section, it will scan your computer and software for the problem and when it is found, it will give you a choice to repair it or delete it.

When your problem is fixed, then you need to restart the application along with the system so that it can be a reboot and work effectively without any error.

  1. Updating the Microsoft Outlook

If you are using the previous version of Microsoft Outlook then you will experience errors like [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] while using it. So it is better if you download the latest version of Microsoft Outlook on your PC or laptop.

Also if your software requires an update, then it is better that you update it as soon it appears on your screen to avoid these errors.

  1. Removing the multiple accounts

If you are using Microsoft Outlook with different accounts at the same time, then there are chances that [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error occurs on your screen. It is the overloading of data and files which makes the application vulnerable to the error.

So it is better that you use Microsoft Outlook with a single account so that sending and receiving of email can be done without any error. Delete the multiple accounts that are present in Microsoft Outlook.


With the facts and information gathered, we now know the reasons and the methods to remove [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error in Microsoft error. Removing this error will result in the better and efficient working of the software.

If you tried all the methods and still couldn’t get this [pii_email_0d0109a26f84744098ea] error fixed, then you should contact customer care or contact the experts who will give you better suggestions.

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