How to Protect Your Brand Name with Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

The name of your brand is a significant thing when it comes to managing your online business. The title should be catchy, relating to your business, and suitable. Apart from all this, it is also good to have a search engine-friendly brand name. Your brand should have the right image in the market, as it will bring in more customers. The reputation of your business is dependent on many things. And to take care of it, you can also follow several practices. You can protect your brand name, maintain a positive image, and boost your sales with these practices. So, here is how to protect your brand name with online reputation management.

 What comes in Online Reputation Management?

In simple words, online reputation management is the process of controlling and protecting the reputation of an individual or a business.

 What are the Major Aspects of Online Reputation Management?

  • Monitoring: Reputation monitoring is the primary aspect of ORM. You can monitor the reputation by yourself, or by consulting management professionals. You can track your status by checking your blog, reviews, social media, asking your customers, and even by Google Alerts.
  • Repairing: If by any chance your reputation is damaged, you can repair it. It involves removing the content, which in the first place damaged the reputation. It is imperative to have all the positive results of your brand at least on the first two pages of an internet search.
  • Building: Building your reputation is the fundamental element of reputation management. The step is essential even when you are just starting, and even when you are at the top. While building a strong reputation, you should always be yourself, no matter what. To take it to the next level, you can contact and discuss business with companies. Your content must be creative and unique, and you must protect yourself by all means too. But while doing all of it, do not forget to take care of your offline reputation also.

Ways to Protect your Brand Name

Now that we have understood what online reputation management is, here is how you can protect your brand name with it:

Make use of Reputation Management Software

These platforms serve one purpose and the protection of your brand. It is beneficial to use them because they can fix irrelevant information of your site, manage accounts, respond correctly, and grow as a business.

Here are some standard features all of them provide:

  • Notifying you about customer reviews
  • Performance and competitor analytics
  • Show you customer interactions and reviews
  • Reach the audience across various platforms

You can choose one from the variety of these reputation management platforms. All of them have their perks and their prices. It is best to analyze each one of them and choose accordingly. The best option is to take a free trial before choosing.

Keep Your Website Updated

When people want to know more about your business, the first place they would want to learn more about it is from your website. In some areas, it can create the first impression of your business.

Hence, keeping your website up-to-date is highly essential. Now, doing that might not be so hard, but concepts like the content, SEO, link functioning, are quite a time consuming, and you might want to hire an expert for not only helping you with it but for optimizing it.

Here are the things to take care of:

  • Pages: Landing Page, Bio
  • Info: Correct contact information, career achievements, brand info
  • Content: Products, services, specialties

Other than these, there are technical aspects like search engine visibility, broken links, and making sure that all the content on your site isn’t too old.

 Keep Your Staff Happy

Especially if you are the owner of big business, the management of your reputation, especially online, becomes a tedious job.

In such cases, it is common to make inevitable mistakes,  that end up making your employers unhappy. But this can damage your reputation in many ways, one being spreading of online negativity.

But you can stop this from happening, here is how:

  • Give and receive feedback
  • Ensure the willing involvement of your team in activities
  • Initiate specific programs aiming at benefiting your employees

Watch Out for Reviews

Reviews probably play a huge role in online reputation management. If you have good reviews, people will trust you and recommend you to others. But, if your considerations are not ethical, people will stop coming to you in the first place. Because a high percentage of people first check your reviews before thinking of contacting you.

Firstly, your services should be good enough for the customer to give you a useful review. Then, once you start receiving good responses, it is an excellent choice to highlight them. This way, your customers will get to know more about you and your work ethics.

There is not much to worry about even if you have negative reviews. You can always keep working and try to balance the negatives with the positives. Commonly, few customers have a rough experience, but negative reviews always blend in and are difficult to point out when there are a lot of positive reviews.

 Social Media

Today, social media is the platform for almost everything. You can use social media to your benefit for online reputation management. Most businesses have their business pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

These platforms help in keeping the customers aware of what’s going on with you. You can always use these platforms for announcing things like offers, discounts, new arrivals, news, and events. Your social media activities show your customers that your business is active.

You can also take it to the next level with the help of a YouTube channel. One can use YouTube channels for the same purposes but in a better way. You can even create a huge fan base of your brand with the help of YouTube.


If you take care of these things, you can protect your brand name with ease. And if all these things are done with best efforts, you can skyrocket your business and make a name for it. So, this was how you could protect your brand name with the help of Online Reputation Management.