Multi Cuisine Restaurant Cafe in the Three Star Hotel in Delhi

Restaurant Cafe

Multi cuisine restaurant and cafe in the hotel is one of our topmost amenities. We are standing by to serve our multi-cultural Indian guest and guests from the overseas too. India is known for its hospitality and serving the food is the most fundamental branch of hospitality. We strive to include national and international cuisines on our menu. Either guest can visit the restaurant or can order and enjoy his or her meal in the room. There are no strict obligations to order and munch the food in the restaurant premises. There are specially designed dining tables in the rooms for the comfort facility and privacy of guests.

Our restaurant is child friendly. Many of the restaurant owners frown or shrink their noses for child guests. We don’t dare to separate them from their family. Exclusively designed baby seaters are available in the huge number to comfort tiny tots. In many metro restaurants the entry of children is banned due to their playful, naughty, yelling, talkative activities. This is not the same in our hotel. Our chefs prepare special baby food or the regular one without spices on the demand of mother guests. Our chefs are planning to involve a compact menu of baby foods in the menu so that they could enjoy the food and holiday as well instead of screaming and complaining.

We recruit experienced hospitality staff to present the taste with mouthwatering taste and appreciable service. Sometimes guests have to wait for such a long time after ordering their food that their hunger disappears. We try to minimize the service order.

We keep on collecting feedback from our clients. Our innovative and prize winning cooking team keeps on involving rare, delicious, spanking dishes in the menu.  Hardly that dish persists in the menu list which attains the least number of complaints and the number of the appreciations.

We try to curb the inconvenience of our guests. When we invite a guest or he/she comes willingly do we let him take the food himself or herself to the dining table? In the same manner how it can be appreciable in the restaurant. We follow the traditional mode of serving the food on the table of guest with a pleasant and modest smile.

Linens, cutleries, themes are constantly changed. In the special pick of the day we choose and serve foods from all over the world. The restaurant is located in such a point so that insiders and outsiders could navigate easily. Our interior decorators take care to let our regular guests feel rejuvenated all the time. Necessary modifications like changing wallpapers setting of furnishing, carpets, change in the existing paintings or bringing new one are made at short and fixed span of time.

Special arrangements are made for formal lunches or dinners. We assist our guests up to the greatest extent to grab their deal and maintaining their official relations, enjoying celebrations with friends and so on. Instead of changing menu we transform the theme into formal one too.