5 The Best Mouth Talking Apps 2021 For Android and iOS Users


In recent times, you have seen so many videos on Instagram, Moj, and more channels where one is moving his/her face and singing a song. Well, it’s looking funny, and lots of people are searching for this feature that allows them to make similar kinds of videos.

Another feature is trending over the internet, especially TikTok, Reels, and more sparkling teeth. If you’re also looking for such a feature or want to know the best mouth talking app, this post will help you find the best mouth apps 2021.

The funniest version of moving photos is when your body is stick, but your face moves funnily. You have seen many pictures and videos related to moving faces, body parts, and sparkling teeth on social media.

5 the best mouth talking apps

  1. Photo That Talks

If you are looking for a funny app and you don’t stress while cracking jokes, “Photo That Talks” is the best mouth talking app for you. It is one of the trusted and most-used apps that allow us to make fun of other photos.

For example- If you do not like your boss or teacher, then take your revenge by making a funny video with his/her face. Now, How to do this? Let’s take a look at the given steps:

  • Download the Photo That Talk app from Google Play Store.
  • Now you need a picture of that person whom you want to edit.
  • You can use various features like shooting, making funny faces, and more.
  • If you don’t want to use a pre-build template, then do it yourself.

Well, if you’re doing this for your senior, it seems disgraceful. But for your fun and cooling down yourself, nothing is best than to do it.

  1. Funny Movie Maker 

If you want to create a meme with some hilarious content on some delicate person’s or personalities, then Funny Movie Maker is the best mouth talking app to get started with. It has a great collection of artists or wants to do it yourself, and then add the picture you want to edit and make up the video you want to create. Even you can use your toys and pets in the video to make the viral content.

Moreover, if you want to take your meme to the next level that gets more likes and shares, change the person’s tone and add some hilarious jokes or script. By saving all the editing, share it on your social media channels and make your subscribers laugh.

  1. Prankster Mouth Off

If you love to do a prank on friends, then don’t forget to try Prankster Mouth off. It is one of the effective easy-to-use mouth apps.  It has been loved by millions of users worldwide as it makes funny faces in short seconds and allows the second-party to get a laugh.

Here I need to say that if you have small kids, this app will be an excellent method to calm their mood.

Now, you can check how it works in the given steps.  

  • Download the Prankster mouth off app on your phone.
  • Open the app and cover your lips from its back camera.
  • With this, you will be able to shoot dialogues, songs, etc., with funny lips movements.

You have to choose from 16 mouth options like a scary, funniest, monster, and sexy in this app. You can use your Kids’ mouth so that you will get most of the app.

  1. Face Changer Video

One of the significant applications is Face Changer Video that allows users to animate their characters most funnily. The best about this mouth talking app is that you can static the body and enable the face to move and talk. It is one of the best mouth apps that not only move your face but also allows you to add funny elements.

With this application, you can give movements to the face by keeping everything static in the picture. In this app, you will collect various animated objects that you can use as per your choice.

Furthermore, you can edit a person’s face by making it thin, fat, changing its eyebrows, and more—all you need to choose your funniest script and share it with your subscribers.

  1. Talking Face Bot

If you are looking for an app that allows you to animate the picture and talk, Talking Face Bot is one of the best mouth apps you should try. The exciting part of this app is you don’t need to move the face of a person. Instead, you can use an animate look by adding mouth and body parts over the picture. That’s the reason why Talking Face Bot is famous.

If you do not know how to use it, see how it works in the given steps:

  • Select the picture you want to animate.
  • This will allow you to turn the picture into a talking character.
  • Add funny kinds of eyes over the face along with the funny script.
  • You can even add a funny nose, eyebrows, and more to your image.
  • You can even use characters like banana, orange, etc., to make funny videos by adding life into them.

Once the video is ready, you can share it on social media channels and get more subscribers. You can use any object or character in the mouth talking app to get fantastic output.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter you are young, adult, or old. If you can perform editing with pictures, you must try out these mouth apps. Moving images is outdated, but moving and talking face is trending. So, why not we use these mouth talking apps and fill entertainment in everyone’s lives?

All the given apps are the best and rated good by customers. So try them hassle-free and have fun!

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