How do I Choose the Best Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens above 60 Years?


Mediclaim policies by numerous companies in India, such as Care Health Insurance, provide health coverage and benefits to citizens of India, including senior citizens. Various health insurance plans in India offer a wide range of benefits for individuals between the ages of sixty and eighty.It usually becomes necessary when planning to retire and live on a pension or interest coming from savings. A sudden emergency can result in a strain on finances, and this is why children must ensure that there is medical insurance for parents above 60 years of age.

There are various insurance plans available in the market. You can now, at a click of a button, buy health insurance online. But, because this is regarding people at a very critical age group, families must do in-depth research and comparisons amongst various policies and choose one best suited for them and their parents.

Know the Benefits of Mediclaim for Parents

In order to choose the best policy, one must know of the features and benefits that they should expect. Below mentioned are a few salient features that must be a part of any good policy designed especially for citizens between the ages of 60 to 80 years:

  • There is no need for any medical checkup required before being eligible to buy the insurance plan. Anyone in the category of a senior citizen is eligible for the same.
  • Pre hospitalization charges are covered for a period of up to 30 days at a maximum.
  • Post hospitalization charges are covered for a period of up to 60 days at a maximum.
  • Any hospitalization charges incurred for treating injuries or illness are covered. However, there is a limit on the costs covered if the patient is admitted to a registered ayurvedic/homeopathic/Unani hospitals and/or government hospitals.
  • The ambulance charges that the patient bears will be covered.
  • Coverage against pre-existing diseases is based on the terms and conditions, which differ from policy to policy.
  • Coverage against pre-existing illnesses, like hypertension and diabetes mellitus, can be availed based on the terms and conditions and also an added premium charge.
  • The amount of money that will be insured varies depending upon the preference of the customer.
  • Some income tax benefits you can avail under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • There are annual health checkups included that the individuals can avail every year.
  • If an individual is admitted for more than twenty-four hours, then the room charges, medical bills, doctor fees, and charges of diagnostic tests are usually covered.

More Tips to Choose Mediclaim for Parents

Apart from the above inclusions of the insurance policy, there are also certain things that one must keep in mind while choosing the mediclaim policy.

  • A plan that can be renewed up to the maximum age of an individual must be selected.
  • The plan should provide good coverage at an affordable rate.
  • The plan should ideally cover pre-existing as well as a critical illness at a lower waiting period.
  • The plan should have a minimum co-payment, which you need to check.
  • There should be a minimum hassle and maximum efficiency with the process of claims and returns.
  • The network of hospitals under the policy of the concerned company should be of good and a reputable nature for treating patients.

Final Tips

Healthcare costs will slowly drain your savings if you do not invest in a health policy now. Your old parents may be having some age-related medical condition that may require long-term treatment. Thus, when choosing a mediclaim for them, you should pick the option of sum insured that gives you maximum coverage for the treatment expenses you have estimated for a year. Thus, it will keep you relaxed about your financial situation.