Maintenance and Safety of Commercial Vehicles Tyres


Commercial vehicles like trucks and buses, etc need special attention, due to their characteristics and use. In fact, as they cover very long distances, even in difficult conditions it is more important to provide them regular maintenance. The use of tires for old or worn-out trucks involve numerous risks: poor grip, skidding, poor resistance to low and high temperatures.

Similarly, it is essential to choose the most suitable truck or truck tires based on the season and the driver’s needs. Hence, achieving a good level of safety and avoiding heavy penalties. Furthermore, according to the provisions of the Highway Code, it is forbidden to mount tires of different sizes, categories, structures, and capacities, on the vehicle at the same time

Safety, for vehicles, is a fundamental aspect. The regulations reinforce particular precautions, to safeguard the driver and the passengers (as well as other drivers and pedestrians coming in contact). This is done by the usage of winter tires or four seasons under appropriate weather conditions.

Also, strengthened by following obligations regarding capacity, size, and speed. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to speed and load limits and any other provisions to limit the risk of accidents, avoid fines and penalties.


Furthermore, truck and bus tyres require regular checkups to monitor the state of wear and detect any damage that’s occurred. In addition to that, replacing tires before embarking on a long journey, is a very wise choice.

Safe travel is vital, especially when you are planning to go on a long drive. Before going on a vacation or driving for work, it is required to subject the vehicle to a series of checks and revisions. It is important to be certain that each element performs in the best way.

The tires of cars and motorcycles, like the engine, the brakes or any other mechanical component are of primary importance for the safety of the driver and other passengers: therefore, replacing old and worn tires means reducing the possibility of accidents.

Would you ever travel in a car without brakes or a damaged clutch? Obviously, not. However, what many users underestimate is the importance of tires for vehicle safety. In fact, old tires have little grip on the ground and in the event of braking, rain or bad weather, they can slip or go off the road. Therefore, driving a car (or any other vehicle) with worn tires means exposing yourself, and other passengers, to a long series of risks.

It is a widely known fact that ignoring the state of your tires is a major issue leading to the possibility of committing accidents. Nevertheless, when you buy new tyres for your vehicles it is important for you to check their performance before using them on the road. Moreover, always make sure to choose the right tire model for the right season(e.g. summer, winter or four-season tires).

Replacing old tires before a trip or a holiday is of utmost responsibility for oneself and others. Especially when you are traveling on unfamiliar roads, long journeys, or poorly settled grounds.

Furthermore, it is essential to select the most suitable model in terms of dimensions, measurements, and technical characteristics. In case, you are still not sure of your choice, you should contact an experienced and qualified dealer.

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