10 Important Tips for Buying a Kitchen Chimney in India

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Kitchen Chimney in India

A kitchen chimney is a fantastic innovation to eliminate smoke and bad odor from your kitchen while cooking. And there are certain benefits of kitchen chimneys like

  • Remove smoke and annoying smells from the kitchen
  • It reduces the heat amount in the kitchen
  • Safeguard the wall tiles from getting sticky
  • Interior decoration & enhances the appearance of your kitchen

But before buying the best kitchen chimney in India, you must know different aspects of it. And to help you to select the excellent one, here are ten most important tips for buying a kitchen chimney in India.

It is always a good practice that before buying any products, you must take a look at different features, functionalities, and the best buying guide of those products. That is why this kitchen chimney buying guide article is so crucial before buying.

Read the article carefully. After that, you do not have any confusion, and you can select a great chimney for your kitchen.

So now, let us begin the journey to know the crucial factors and kitchen chimney buying guide. 

Different size of kitchen chimney The first classification is based on the scale. There are mainly two different sizes of stack available, first one 60 cm width and second one 90 cm width.

The 60 cm width chimney is ideal for 2 to 4 burner stoves, and the 90 cm width is suitable for 3 to 5 burner stoves. The 90 cm width chimney is more expensive as compared to the 60 cm width chimney.

Different types of kitchen chimney: 

There are mainly two different types of kitchen chimneys, which are very popular.


Wall mounted chimneys are adjacent to the wall and directly above the gas stove burner. Wall-mounted type is ideal for small or medium size kitchen. The cost of this type is also lower as compared to others.

Island chimney:

Island kitchen chimneys

Island type chimney hung from the ceiling and located at the center of the kitchen. Island type chimneys are suitable for those kitchens which have large sizes. And the cost of this type of chimney is higher.

Different types of filter used in a kitchen chimney:

There are mainly three different types of filters mesh filter, baffle filter, and charcoal filter.

Mesh or Cassette filter:

Layers of the aluminum net which have holes make these kinds of filters. The oil and dirt become trapped from the pores as the air moves through this filter. Chimneys with this particular filter demand much more maintenance.

Baffle filter:

Baffle Filter is a leak controller panel that comes in curve constructions. It is constructed from aluminum or steel substances, which help alter the plan of air. Baffle filters are highly efficient and provide fantastic cleaning performance.

Charcoal filter:

It includes charcoal granules that emanate odor. The charcoal filter is also an optional filter that comes in conjunction with a mesh. The holes at the charcoal will absorb the heating oil and smoke particles.

The most economical filters are baffle and charcoal filter because it requires less maintenance. Baffle and Charcoal filter need cleaning once in 5 months, while mesh filter requires cleaning after 20 days or one month.

And it is recommended to go with a baffle filter kitchen chimney because it is new and modern technology, along with it requires less maintenance.

Heat auto clean technology: 

Nowadays, some kitchen chimneys come with heat auto-clean technology. The price of this chimney is also a little bit expensive, but this feature eliminates the hassle of cleaning the vent manually.

Heat auto clean technology automatically cleans the chimney just by pressing a button. There is an oil collector where oil and grime store. You just need to replace the oil collector once in a month.

So, this type of chimney requires less maintenance. If your budget allows, then you should go for this type.

Suction power capacity: 

The suction power of a chimney is crucial functionality. How much volume of smoke can suck the stack in 1 hour is known as suction power. Different suction power capacity chimneys are available like 1200, 1000, 800 cubic meters per hour, etc.

If the accumulation of smoke in your kitchen is high, you should buy a high suction power capacity chimney. And the price varies according to the suction power capacity (higher the suction power higher will be the price).

Ducting vs. Ductless chimney:

Ducting chimney:

Ducting chimney suck the air and smoke from your kitchen and then pass it through the filters where oil and grimes are extracted. The ducting vents are highly efficient and have excellent performance.

  • Uses mesh or baffle filter
  • Has high suction power capacity
  • Extremely efficient
  • Comfortable and very simple to manage
  • Expensive as compared to the ductless chimney

Ductless chimney:

Ductless chimney works with fan blowers. It absorbs the air and passes it through a charcoal filter that releases the heat, odor, and smoke from the kitchen.

  • Uses charcoal filter
  • Has low suction power
  • Efficiency is lower as compared to the ducting chimney
  • Maintenance required
  • Comparatively cheaper than the ducting chimney

It is recommended to buy a ducting chimney if you have a sufficient budget. If you can not afford it, you can do the ductless vent, but remember regular maintenance required.

LED lamps: 

Nowadays, almost all kitchen chimney comes with one or two bright LED bulbs. These LED lamps are perfectly placed that it focuses on proper cooking place.

So, make sure that the kitchen chimney has LED lamps.

Control keypad: 

A control keypad is provided to navigate and control the chimney for different purposes. Different purposes like either you want to run the left fan or right fan or both the fans. And there are switches to turn on and turn off the LED lamps.

Some models come with a touch control pad, and some models have buttons.

Gesture control: 

Other than the control keypad, few models have a gesture control feature to control different modes. This is a new and modern technology that gives you broad flexibility to control the kitchen chimney with your hand gestures.

The cost of this feature is also high, so if you are not limited by budget, you can go for this.

Buzzer alarm: 

Whenever chimney gets polluted and requires maintenance, this buzzer alarm will alert you to clean the chimney. In our busy lives, we always forget some essential things like the cleanliness of chimneys.

So, this feature will remind you whenever the chimney needs to be cleaned. You do not need to remember it.

Final Words:

We discussed all of the most important aspects, and kitchen chimney buying tips. These aspects should be kept in mind before buying a best kitchen chimney in India. And also, these will help you to select an excellent chimney for your kitchen.

We hope you get a piece of excellent knowledge and will surely help to buy the ideal one for you. If you liked our content, then share this article on different social media sites to help us.

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