12 Key Features of Attendance Management Systems

Attendance Management Systems

Attendance Management Systems

Attendance management can be one of the most difficult tasks if not done right. And when it comes to manually updating employee attendance in an excel sheet it becomes even more crucial for the human resource department to update every information accurately, wasting precious productive time. Therefore to increase business efficiency, it is critical to avoid confusion and increase productivity by leveraging the attendance management system. This will ensure that the organisation will be able to provide the best employee attendance experience with real-time tracking of their leaves and attendance.

Attendance management system comes with a whole gamut of features required to keep a better track of the way employee time is utilised by the workforce. It empowers you to work with new-age features, allowing a seamless personalisation of leaves & attendance. The software also allows users to process the attendance data according to your requirements. The summarised attendance data is usually used for reporting and also for payroll processing.

Features of Attendance Management System:

Biometric Integration:

Attendance management system comes with the ability to integrate with your biometric system and provide real-time attendance data to your employees. The machine can access the records of the system and be able to map the data with the employee’s profile whenever someone scans their fingerprint in the device. This way not only can you track the incoming and outgoing time of your employee but also the number of times they are late, while also tracking for overtime.

All data in one single dashboard:

Attendance management system comes with a user interface where all the information is available at one place from attendance to leave to overtime data and shift plans. These data are displayed in one single dashboard to better understand the stats for each employee. Many companies allocate employees to different shifts and hence it’s important to calculate work duration from clock in/out data with one single touchpoint.

Shift Management:

Shift Management enables you to allocate employees to different shifts each day. With this functionality, managers can see all the reportees’ at one place and the employee will be able to track which shift they’re assigned to, work duration and also can be allotted different days off.


Every company has their own rules and regulations. With an attendance management system, you can accommodate your organisation’s unique time and attendance, define your organisation framework including comp off, over time, optional leave policies, etc.in the system. The organisation will then be able to process clock-in and clock-out data using this policy incorporated into your system.

Attendance reporting

Reports generated on the attendance management system empower you to know metrics that influence the efficiency of your processes. Using an attendance management system you can pull out custom reports and analyse them for better workforce management.


Attendance management system comes with geotagging features. Organisations can use this not only for geotagging or geo-fencing an employee to a specific location radius to confine the range under which attendance punches are acceptable but with this feature, the company can also track their employee movement with respect to reporting from home or from the client location.

Ability to apply for leaves in one click:

Attendance management system should have the ability to allow employees to apply for leave in one click and get instant approvals from the manager. Otherwise simplifying the hectic process of applying for leave, then informing the manager and waiting for confirmation, all of which takes more than a day.

User-defined Attendance Types

Attendance Management system should be able to categorise your employee attendance according to the organisation requirements. For eg: an employee may define attendance types like Work from Home, Client Visit, forgot to clock-in and out and so on.

Mobile Application:

What’s the point of investing in an attendance management system if it can’t be installed in your phone? Your attendance software should have a mobile app from where you can apply for leaves, regularise attendance, see pending/processed attendance requests, and update attendance by simply browsing through your phone. This way, the employee won’t have to always check their laptops or desktops every time whenever they want to manage their attendance.

Hassle-free integration with Payroll

When your attendance related information can flow easily to your payroll module, it helps you process payment much faster and with ease. It eliminates the need for manual intervention and leaves lesser scope for error and payment processing.

Greater security:

Attendance management system comes with a high level of security. All the information and data collected by this system is stored in the cloud database which also removes the risk of data manipulation. This cloud database comes with multiple layers of data security for preventing leakage of information.

Employee Approvals

With the presence of an attendance management system employees can request for attendance regularisation and raise requests in case of late or missed clocking. Employees can also raise requests for  Work from Home or Client Visit. On approval from the manager, this becomes part of the attendance for that day.

Bonus Feature:

Ability to manage data at one single centralised location:

A company may have operations in different parts of the country. An attendance management system can collect data from all the locations stored in one centralised location i.e the main branch or the headquarters for easy processing and tracking of employee data. So you don’t have to worry about maintaining different records for different locations.


Technology is evolving and as we move through time, the demand for building an organisation which is equipped with all the latest technology that drives the productivity and profitability of the business is increasing and it becomes very important to adopt a solution like an attendance management system to balance the needs of employees’ safety and well being, while also focusing on productivity and engagement. These attendance management systems make sure that your critical employee data is captured on one platform and is leveraged throughout the employee lifecycle for better management and administration.