10 + Best Funny Jokes to Tell Your Crush


Speaking with your crush for the first time creates a bit of nervousness. At that moment, you don’t want to spoil anything. Thus one of the best ways to make your first date memorable is to make her smile.

You know that “First Impression is the Last Impression,” so you don’t want to do anything wrong that makes your crush uncomfortable with you. It can be a little easier to make your crush constantly around you is cracking jokes. The more you spend time together with a smile, the more you will enjoy the strong bond between you in the future.

Now you know cracking jokes can help you smile, but ensure jokes are not vulgar. So, to make your time or first date with your crush impressive, get to know some best funny jokes to tell your crush.

The jokes can help your crush smile, which quickly boosts to ask her for the second date. Isn’t it? Know about the best jokes to tell your crush and become the perfect partner for her.


Before jumping to the jokes section, I need to clarify that I am not saying to learn about Santa-Banta Jokes. If you’re thinking of choosing these kinds of jokes, it seems kiddish. You are an adult, so the jokes should be flirty that give her a laugh, not anger. Let’s start with some hilarious pick up lines you can use for your partner.

Funny Pickup Lines, funny jokes to tell your crush and elegant romantic lines can make your crush smile.

Hey, you’re ready to go on your first date with your crush. Isn’t it exciting? Well, It is. Your heartbeat is fast, feeling butterflies in the stomach and more nervous because you don’t want to ruin your date.

To make your crush smile go with ease, pamper her, and use pickup lines that make her smile. So, here are the jokes to tell your crush:

  1. Some people fall from the tree, some people fall from their bikes, but I have fallen in love with you.
  2. I don’t want to hear your past because that doesn’t matter to me. I want to live with you now and in the future forever.
  3. Hey, stop, you’ve stolen something from me. What? My HEART!
  4. Hey, you’re killing me every second! HUH? How? With your beautiful smile and eyes.
  5. OH! You’re here. Then who is in heaven?
  6. Hey, what’s your surname? (Answer) it will look best with my name. Isn’t it?
  7. Oh God, Save Me! She is taking my heartbeats.
  8. I hope I will become lucky enough to have you in my life forever.

Keep in mind you can say anything to your crush, whatever you have in mind and heart. But the only things that matter here you should mark your words and maintain the cuteness.

Healthy Flirting line and Romantic jokes to tell your crush

  1. I don’t like your smile, I don’t like your eyes, I don’t like your hair, But I Love Your Heart.
  2. Hey, what’s your name? Can I start with my name?
  3. Can I take your pen? I want to write my fortune with yours.
  4. You’re pretty, and I am cute. The two of us will become an adorable couple.
  5. I think God sends you for me and to better my life.
  6. Don’t mind you are looking like a mother for my future child.
  7. If you don’t mind I want to ask you a question (What) can you spend your whole life with me?
  8. I don’t give you money, I don’t provide you with the luxury house, and the only thing I can give you is My Love, My Life, and My TIME.

Some funny Jokes To tell your crush in Question/Answer Mood

Question 1– Are your grey hair?

Answer: Because the more I am imparting with you, the more I have you.

Question 2– Are you my favorite sweet?

Answer: Because every time, I want to have you in my hands.

Question 3– Are you the Moon?

Answer- Don’t mind! But when I see you, I feel peace of mind.

Question 4– Can you say Aloe Vera much by tucking your tongue with fingers?

Answer- Aloe You Vera Much

The Other funny Jokes To Tell your Crush That Make Her Smile.

  • I will not die even if you are looking at me with your killing smile.
  • Awwww! You’re my baby who is just making me happy with her every step.
  • Forget about the right; I am just PERFECT to you.
  • Hi, my name is I, my problem is love, and the solution is You. I Love You
  • I want to become an addict to your love.
  • My hangover is your eyes, and my medicine is your love.
  • Have I bought a loan from you? My interest in you is getting higher.

The Bottom Line

So, you have seen some hilarious, flirty, and lovely kinds of jokes to tell your crush. Using these pickup lines will make your crush comfortable with your company and let you know about her interest in you. If she is smiling and appreciating your efforts all the time, then she likes you.

I want to share advice that Girls need respect, love, trust, and care instead of money. Show her your true personality and let her love YOU.

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