Does itil service strategy certification worth the effort?


Information Technology Infrastructure Library, also known as the ITIL framework is a set of guidelines which is followed by a lot of companies in the industry to step up their game when it comes to service management through IT resources. Since many companies do not know how to make the best use of their technologies, having a guide to help them is the best business tactic possible. Employees trained and qualified in this tactic improve the productivity and efficiency of the firm. They are also able to make use of IT tools to provide customers with the best service experience. In the recent ITIL update, Axelos ensures that customers get the desk support they deserve and are able to get the relevant answers for all their queries.

ITIL Service Strategy is an integral topic addressed by the Lifecycle module. The Lifecycle module, coupled with the Capability stream makes up the entire Intermediate level of the framework. Candidates have to gain a certain amount of credits in the Foundation and Practitioner level to gain access to the Intermediate level. After going through the concepts of both modules and completing the topics, they have to give certain tests. Each test earns them credits which they can later use to get an entry for the Expert level. That said, the Service Strategy is an important concept because, without a proper plan in hand, companies cannot expect to use their IT resources to complete projects. The service strategy helps to design the roadmap for the employees which they need to follow so that they can optimize their performance values.

Syllabus of the test

The course introduces candidates to the different concepts of ITIL service strategy such as the scope, the value it adds to any business, and how it is used in other phases of business management. They also learn about the underlying core philosophy, which helps them make the decision regarding where they need to build and execute the tactic, utilize service economies, and try to achieve business outcomes. Candidates can then learn about the different methodologies and procedures through which a strategy is designed. The concepts learned before are used to conduct IT governance.


In the later stages, the strategy is organized into a roadmap which employees need to follow to get the most optimal output. Employees have to understand the relevance of technology in each task and why certain processes are being automated. All critical risks and success variables need to be carefully analysed as well to ensure that the project and production are moving on the right track.

Problems faced by ITIL service strategy

The adoption of the service strategy module does not mean that candidates are on the right path. If candidates do not have adequate experience in implementing the ITIL framework, then the strategy is bound to be flawed and result in failure. Whenever there is any change in a certain variable, ITIL qualified individuals must understand why the change is important, and how the change occurs. Only then they can take the right measures in the strategy to factor in these changes. One of the key reasons why a framework does not work is if the administration has too many conflicting opinions and ideas.

The employees, managers, and stakeholders need to be on the same page while devising and executing a strategy. Otherwise, it results in a complicated mess, and the framework falls apart without ever getting a form of implementation. Experience, practicality, and ethical standards are very important to ensure that the strategy designed holds all the objectives of the company together, and employees focus on the project’s success.

Benefits of service strategy

By learning the service strategy module, candidates can help firms to make the right call while designing any project plan. They make sure that all the IT resources are being used in the best manner possible with every project task. They lay major emphasis on IT governance, strategy making principles, and procedures so that company has a general idea about how they want to make use of their technological tools. Getting certified in this module lands the candidate various management job roles with attractive salary packages.

They also become a part of the reputed Axelos community. Earning the ITIL Service Strategy Certification is a tough task because the syllabus is vast, and candidates have to pass a lot of eligibility criteria to be able to give the test. However, with an adequate amount of training, preparation, and clarity of concepts, anyone can ace the test. The perks that come with the title certainly make all the investment and effort worth it.