Is online learning the future of education?

online education

What is online education

Online education is defined as a type of learning endorsed by electronic media by using an internet facility, student-teacher interaction and distribution of class material is done through an online platform.

Mostly students use laptops or home computers over a reliable broadband connection to get online learning. It may include audio lectures, videos for concepts, animations and a live chat with the teacher to produce a productive learning environment rather than traditional classes on campuses.

The invention of online study:-

Two famous entrepreneurs, Mr. Glen Jones and Mr. Bernand Luskin, invented online education first by launching the first web-based accredited and university named Jones International University in 1996.

After that, many universities followed this pattern to offer different courses through distance learning. It proved an excellent innovation in the progress of literacy rates over the countries.

The emergence of online education:-

Online education is not a new thing as distance learning was introduced a long time ago, and online learning is the modernized version of it now. Many universities and colleges have been providing online education for a long time, but the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic has compelled the authorities to promote remote education more vigorously. As students cannot go for campus-oriented learning, the online mode of education will prove as a milestone in making progress in the whole country.Law Assignment Writing Service is also offering online learning and assistance to the students of the UK and Overseas to get instant support for their pending homework tasks.

10 Advantages of an online education system:-

The online mode of education has provided students with a lot of benefits and relaxations. Keeping in view these benefits, authorities are looking forward to transform the education system to a complete online virtual method in the future on a permanent basis. Ten elite advantages are mentioned below:

1)  It provides a variety of programs and courses to the students when they go for online classes, as higher education offers almost every kind of professional and vocational course for online studies, no matter if you want any type of diploma or technical course.

2)  Online studies are proven a more affordable option to the students as compared to traditional campus-oriented classes. Students are free from associative expenses for education like online textbooks are provided to them; it saves the cost of buying textbooks; likewise many other additional charges other than tuition fees are exempted for online classes.

3)  Students are very comfortable with online education, and they listen to lectures at home without taking any stress of space and uniforms. Moreover, they are free now from traffic hassles as there is no need to go to traditional classrooms, all the work is done electronically from homes.

4)  It provides them with complete flexibility and convenience to continue their studies along with the continuation of jobs, no need to leave jobs for higher education. They are free to study and work together at the same time at their own convenience.

5)  The shy and reserved students have more chances of participation in online classes as compared to face-to-face classes, resulting in a better concentration on studies.

6) It furnishes opportunities to get professional degrees while staying at home, and it may induce them to advance in their careers without going to distanced institutes.

7)  Students are free of environmental conditions in online education, as in thunderstorms or snowstorms, they are unable to go to universities and colleges. But they can attend online classes at homes irrespective of these climatic hazards.

8)  The students relating to other than computer departments acquire a chance to get some technical knowledge by getting online computer courses. These may help them in gaining employment as well as developing their brains.

9)  No matter how far you live from university or college, you get a chance to attend summer classes and gain an opportunity to complete your credit hours for getting a degree.

10)  Online education saves a lot of time for both teachers and students. As for a teacher, there is no need to go to campus and deliver lengthy lectures daily, and all your lectures are recorded for once and posted at an online platform. Students also save time by attending classes from homes, and no need to go to campus.

A few reasons why online education is the future:-

 It begins from preschool:-

The traditional pre-schooling has been transformed into online mode, and parents are at ease; they tend their children to get lectures on a screen. The young pupils are now trained to attend lectures through modern information technology, enhancing their awareness of information technology.

 Availability of catch-up courses:-

As online education provides a vast range of courses, students are free to join any type of course without having any formal degree in that discipline. It gives a chance of improvement for those pupils who are weak in maths or any other subject, and they can opt for catch up courses in their free time.

 A flexibly learning table for all students:-

By shifting to the online education mode, students can be provided with a more flexible environment to learn their desired course. There will be no limitations of space and time for students; they will need to attend lectures online. It will enhance foreign students’ opportunities to get enrolled in their desired courses without the hassles of visas and travelling to other countries.

 A cheaper education system:-

The online education is much more cheaper overall than the campus-oriented teachings. All the expenses for building infrastructure, utility bills and many other expenditures can be saved if we shift whole education to the online system. It will diminish the lack of funding issues facing by many colleges and universities.


Keeping in view all the details mentioned earlier, it is concluded that it is the need of the present time to shift the whole education system to an online education system; if we want to compete in the modern era, we have to make this done.

Though universities and colleges are still making policy to evaluate the pupils who are getting online learning, it may take time to formulate a proper criterion for correct evaluation.

New patterns of online learning have revolutionized students’ thoughts, and they are more interested in online system. It is something that fits in this time of need; the future of online education is opening to a more broader section in the coming times.