11 Common HP Printer Problems Resolved

HP Printer Problems

HP Printer Problems Resolved

HP Printers are preferred the most all over the world due to its convenient user face and unmatchable features. HP printers are budget-friendly and always easy to use. However, there are some minor problems one could face in HP Printers.

Below you can read the list of some common problems of HP Printers Problems with their solution:

1. HP Printer Paper Jam Issues

HP Printer Paper Jam Issues

Paper Jam is the most common issue of HP printers. To avoid this problem, ensure that the paper you are using for the printer is of the correct size, and you keep the printer clean.

2. Ghost Jam in HP Printers:

Sometimes, even after the completion of printing, you can see some replicas in the background of your recent printed paper, which is known as Ghost Jam. Make sure there are no papers stuck in the printers or replace the worn-out parts of the printer to avoid this printing issue.

3. Offline Status of HP Printers

Offline Status of HP Printers

This is another common problem one faces while using an HP printer. HP Printer offline error means either your printer is turned off from your computer or the driver settings might have been changed. There is also a button on the printer that can make it offline.

4.  Printer won’t print


If you are getting an error message, you should watch that the printer is as yet connected through Wireless mode or USB cable. If it isn’t printing for no clear reason, you may need to check or even reinstall the HP Printer drivers to ensure everything is acceptable. Go to the Official HP site, download the most recent drivers, and install them.

5.  Low Ink Problem

Low Ink Problem

Well, now and again, you may see low ink cautioning in any event when you can print a report. You don’t have to replace the toner cartridges since HP printers have a low ink pointer. Yet, the accuracy of these ink pointers fluctuates, and you should check your printer physically and replace the cartridges in necessary.

6. An issue with Wi-Fi Printing

If your Wi-Fi printing is taking excessively long, you can put your printer close to the router to expand the throughput and diminish printing time. Aside from that, you should use the latest router that supports the most recent Wi-Fi models and ensure that the firmware is up to date.  

7.  Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

 Some wireless printers support WI-Fi straightforwardly to make a connection with a compatible device. In any case, not all printers have that, and you may need to install a bit of software on your PC or mobile phone to make it work.

8.  Error 50.4

This error is the most common error of printers, and it is identified with the power supply. You should unplug the printer from UPS and plug it legitimately to an AC wall outlet. It will resolve the error easily.

9. Blue Screen Error

This error generally happens when you connect any device using wireless networks. For e.g., when you are in the process of printing online, and your printer is connected to a laptop or mobile phone. Nonetheless, you can easily troubleshoot this error by updating the router firmware. You need to perform some necessary steps regarding the same.

10. HP printer cannot scan

HP printer

Scanning is also an essential aspect of printer. But, the HP printer sometimes is not able to scan properly, and it generally occurs when you upgrade Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8. It is reported by many users that the HP printer won’t scan after the platform upgrade. However, this problem can be easily troubleshot by performing the below steps:

  • Reset printer
  • Check if the platform is compatible or not
  • You may also reinstall HP printer software
  • Try HP Print and Scan Troubleshooter

11. Ghosting in Printer

This one is a very common problem among all printer models. Ghosting in printer stats “you can see the light image of the previous print job in the new print paper”. Ghosted images are very light but it completely diminishes the quality of the print. Now the question is, what causes print ghosting? It is an imaging drum unit or the fuser unit. Sometimes, the wrong paper type can also result in ghosting, but most of the time drum unit or the fuser unit are the only reason for ghosting. In such a case, you need to make sure that drum or fuser unit has not reached the end of its useable life

If you are also facing any of these problems, you can follow the steps in this guide to solve them and enjoy the long life of your HP Printer.

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