Affiliate Marketing: How it Transforms Your e-Commerce Business


You’re always looking to buy the best product whether it is a tech gadget, home appliance, personal use item, or anything else—others also look to find the same quality as you want. You spend a certain amount of time to gather enough information about a product— and sometimes a website recommends a product and based on their review you buy that product. That is all part of the affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a part of product promotion by influencers.

As an E-commerce business, you can benefit a lot from affiliate marketing to grow your business. Indoleads is a platform that gives you a chance to step into affiliate marketing programs.Before jumping into the benefits of affiliate marketing, let’s look into affiliate marketing first.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the only marketing channel where you pay after you get a sale through that marketing effort. So, it can be said that only a marketing channel that offers 100% ROI is affiliate marketing.

An affiliate marketer promotes your product or service and gets a commission on each sale. When someone comes through the affiliate channel and makes a purchase, only then the affiliate gets paid.

Let’s learn how it can transform your e-commerce business.

Affiliate marketers indirectly become a part of your sales team

Affiliate marketers become a part of the sales team and offer greater benefits than an in-house sales team. Affiliate marketers have a well-established platform or website and a strong audience. If you can get to a successful affiliate marketer, you can perceive it as a brilliant addition to your team.

An affiliate marketer serves you following benefits in terms of sales;

If he/she has quality traffic it means you’ll get quality conversions, which can eventually increase your sales. An affiliate marketer is like an indirect salesman who knows how to do his job and doesn’t waste time making useless ads strategies. Every b2b e-commerce development agency advises using affiliate marketing to reap unlimited benefits.

Better Return On Investment

In the marketing industry, it is the only way that offers a 100% ROI. You’ll not need to pay the affiliate on each click like pay per click advertisement. The affiliate will only get paid when you win a sale from his link.

Unlike, other marketing channels, you don’t need to worry about targeting the right audience even after paying handsome money to the advertising channels like search engines or social media platforms. There’s no fixed percentage that you’ve to pay the affiliate. It is a mutual contract between you and the affiliate marketer where both of you decide the percentage that you’ll give to the affiliate on each sale.

Information validation

Affiliates use different means to promote your products or services. These means include blogs, product review websites, social media, videos, and a few others. An affiliate will not invest in a mediocre platform because he/she knows that getting the required results won’t be possible.

So, an affiliate will choose to market your product on those platforms that are considered high-quality and reliable. These platforms have such authority and quality in their content that helps in building a strong audience and make a great positive impact on the buying decision of the audience. This will eventually result in more sales and growth of your business.

Control over the target audience

If you’re running an e-commerce business that deals with a niche market, then affiliate marketing can help to take control of the targeted audience. There are many affiliates out there who are running niche-specific platforms or blogs designed for affiliate marketing.

Being an e-commerce business, you can reach out to those affiliates and if they have a strong audience base interested in your niche, then it can transform your business hugely.

This will result in quicker and authentic results for your e-commerce business. That’s why every b2b e-commerce development agency recommends using affiliate marketing if you’re running an e-commerce business.

Develop brand ambassadors

If you can partner with a popular influence or affiliate marketer, you can develop him as an indirect brand ambassador. Believe it or not, having such influencers who have got a strong audience base or followers, you can reap more benefits than you could imagine.

It is always a win-win situation because you’ll only be paying a percentage of a sale and even if you can’t, it won’t cause you a penny.


The bottom line is affiliate marketing can benefit you in many ways. From building brand awareness to growing sales, you can achieve every benefit that can take your e-commerce business to the next level. Affiliate marketing is an exceptional way to start marketing your products as a new business. It is a fast and low-risk marketing method that’s why every b2b e-commerce development agency takes part in affiliate marketing.