How to Safely Display Collectible Art in Your Home


Have you recently started building up your art collection?

Did you know that over the past few years, the average U.S. home size grew by 30%, while the number of rooms grew by 60%?

It’s not hard to see how quickly homes can fill up with extra spaces. This is where people start considering different pieces of art to showcase.

While discovering pieces for your home is fun, the thought of displaying it can be stressful. You don’t want to ruin your collection or have something break.

Read on to learn how to safely display collectible art.

Creating a Protective Atmosphere for Your Collectible Art

When creating a protective atmosphere for your collection, think about the display of your collectibles. Make sure that the area you choose to showcase your art is away from any direct sunlight or heat sources.

Also, avoid any high-humidity rooms such as your kitchen or bathrooms. Provide a layer of protection to your collection art from dust particles by cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth.

Utilizing Wall-Mounted Art Displays

Utilizing wall-mounted art displays provides a secure way to show off the pieces that you treasure. Make sure the wall is flat and even, and choose wall anchors or wall-hanging systems that are suitable for use on your specific wall.

Measure the walls and the collectible art to get the correct size of wall mount. Attach all wall mount parts (hooks, screws, and wall anchors) securely to the wall with a power drill and the necessary tools.

Incorporating Art Insurance

If you’re planning to display collectible art in your home, it’s a good idea to make sure your collection is protected with artwork insurance. This will give you peace of mind that should an accident or any type of damage occur to your artwork, you can have it repaired or replaced.

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Investing in Quality Frame Materials

When it comes to safely displaying collectible paintings in your home, investing in quality frame materials is essential. Quality frame materials are able to protect your artwork from dust, humidity, and sunlight damage.

Make sure to choose a frame that is acid-free and designed for the material of your artwork – for example, a metal frame for a painting. Also, ensure that the frame is securely attached to the wall and that the glazing in the frame is UV resistant to protect the artwork from fading.

Choosing the Right Wall Space

Choosing the right wall space for your collectible art is an important step in safely displaying it in your home. Consider the existing home decor in the room; the art should complement the space without looking out of place.

Additionally, look at the elements in the existing art: its colors, sizes, textures, and depth. Build on those elements to create a unified gallery display for your collectible art.

Keep Collectibles Safe from Damage

The key to safely displaying collectible art in your home is to select the right materials and tools and practice proper installation techniques. Whether you use wall-mounted hooks or anchor screws, your art will be secure and look beautiful in your home.

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