How-to Pick-Up Spring Wedding Color Schemes?


Spring weddings are always more beautiful because of the warm weather and gorgeous flowers around. You should pick color schemes of spring weddings carefully while designing your dresses, decoration, themes, and every major to the minor thing. Spring shouldn’t be limited to light blues or pale pink instead; there are many more colors that you can add in a spring wedding through the different schemes you choose.

Here are a few ways and tips mentioned to help you pick the spring wedding color schemes.

  • Venue

The venue or location you choose for your wedding plays a vital role in deciding the color scheme. It is even better if you have a color palette in your mind even before you start searching for the venue. It will help you be clear about the colors you are going to use and prioritize throughout the process. If the venue you find is the best by all aspects, but it doesn’t match your color scheme, you should switch to the one that does. The color scheme you choose should help enhance the beauty of the venue. For instance, pink, orange, and white work pretty well when combined. But if you want to add brightness to the venue, you can choose warm hues and green.

  • Research

You should also invest a significant amount of time in your research for multiple useful sources. There are a lot of magazines and art galleries that you can take inspiration from while choosing your color scheme for a spring wedding. You can also follow the color scheme you like at your relatives’ or friends’ weddings. Make sure that whatever spring colors for weddings you choose are trending as well if you want to grab the attention of guests.

  • Personal Like or Preference

The colors that look adorable to you might not look charming to someone else. But at the end of the day, it is your big day. So, your personal like or dislike is an essential thing that can help choose the right color scheme for your spring wedding. Even if you are not aware of what you like, you can open your wardrobe to see what colors you see the most in your spring clothes. Also, pay heed to the colors of accessories and clothes that draw your attention in the first sight. You can use those colors as a starting point for choosing your wedding color schemes.

  • Mood

The color scheme of your spring wedding can help set a specific mood for the day. It depends upon your personal preferences that what kind of atmosphere you want. So, you should also be clear beforehand about the vibe you want to create on your special day. For instance, if you wish to have a nostalgic or relaxed atmosphere at your wedding in spring, you can choose aqua, soft pink, and purple. You can use this color scheme under the tent of reception in different styles to give an airy and bright feel to your guests.