How to Make an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy that Works


If you want to boost sales in your firm and contribute to its growth, digital marketing is a must.

In this digital world, it’s impossible to separate your business success and its marketing strategies. In fact, you’ll need better marketing strategies to boost your sales and enhance its growth.

So, how do you make an effective digital marketing strategy?

In this article, we’ll focus on important tips to popularize, drive traffic and conversions to your business. Have a look.


 Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves tweaks on your page, or site so that it shows up organically or naturally for search results in any search engine.

Google as a search engine, frequently updates its algorithms allowing only relevant results to show up. The algorithm also filters pages and websites that don’t deserve to show at any first page of a search engine result.

Investing in SEO is essential. Ensure the content you post on your site is factual and grammatically correct. It helps avoid clients bouncing back from your site, affecting your SEO ranking.

SEO is a cost-effective approach to drive traffic to your site.

 Use Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM aims at driving traffic to your site through paid efforts. It’s also known as paid search marketing.

The world of SEM is complex and diverse. As such, it’s essential to choose the SEM model that rhymes with your business structure. The available options include:

  • Pay per click
  • Cost per thousand impressions or
  • Cost per click model.

If you choose to use the SEM model, it’s imperative that you choose the right platform. A platform where you can easily get your target audience. The available options include; Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Since you’ll be paying to drive traffic, it’s essential to measure the impact it creates on your performance. Also, you need to hire competent marketers for this task.

 Use Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Do you know you can generate leads and drive traffic to your business through the various social media sites? Well if you’ve been using your social media account to gossip and share irrelevant stories, it’s time to change.

The secret is to build a reputation of trust with your potential buyers. You may create good and informative content, engage them in a contest or both.

Identify your target audience and create useful content that they can resonate with. The SMM strategy you adopt will be helpful in improving your branding and driving traffic to your site.

 Content Creation

Creating quality content is a definitive marketing strategy.

In fact, the quality of your content forms an important metric when ranking your site on search engine results.

Seek to create content that solves a problem your target audience is experiencing or one that is information.

Well, you can get creative and generate content on any topic and link it intelligently to your site.

 Re marketing and Re targeting

At least 70 percent of sales you make online should come from referrals. It’s therefore important to ensure you treat your current customers well. If they love your products and services, they will come back and possibly inform their close friends and relatives about your products.

Re targeting bears higher conversion rate as you’ll only be approaching people who’ve been to your site or who’ve bought from you.

Re targeting and re marketing strategies are effective where you can map your clients buying cycle.

 Use Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you make payments to publishers who direct clients to your site. It’s more of a performance-based system. The performance may be in terms of leads, promotions or sales.

Here, you and your affiliate marketer agree on the compensation model. You’ll only make payment once the affiliate has achieved their performance. The strategy is a win-win situation for the publishers and marketers.

As a start-up, this strategy will drive traffic and easily make conversions to your site.

 Web Analytics

Perhaps, Web Analytics is the crucial component of your digital marketing strategy. Well, it is.

Investing in web analytics gives you the privilege to collect, measure, analyze, report and plan your web activities in an enterprise.

Some important web analytics tools include Spring Metrics, Google Analytics, Clicky, Woopra, Mint, and Chartbeat.

Web Analytics helps you understand your business and raise your ROI and conversions.


As an entrepreneur or business manager, your goal is to steer the business to success.

Digital marketing strategy is essential to the growth of your firm. Before choosing the strategy to use, you need to try a number of them and pick the one that gives promising results.

Well, no single digital marketing strategy will derive the type of success results you need. It’s a combination of them that will get you there, choose the right one.

Digital marketing is a dynamic concept, it’s always changing. Use web analytics to monitor your performance and make changes where necessary.