How to Fight a Speeding Ticket


The dread of seeing those flashing red and blue lights coming up behind you is a feeling many drivers know all too well. Have you ever been pulled over for speeding? If so, you understand the feeling of dread that comes over you.

Fighting a speeding ticket can be daunting, but with the right advice and knowledge of your rights, you may be able to successfully fight it. Learn how to fight a speeding ticket in just a few easy steps.

Gather Evidence Provided at the Scene

This includes taking photographs at the scene. If you were close to the speed limit, take pictures of the speed limit sign to provide evidence. Taking a picture of the position of the police officer relative to the roadway can also be beneficial. This can indicate the distance the officer had to observe you.

This is instead of pacing your speed. If other drivers were also present, collecting statements from them can help to provide evidence that you weren’t driving erratically. Taking pictures of the vehicle’s braking system, tires, and odometer can provide evidence to suggest that the vehicle was indeed not speeding.

Understand the Ticketed Offense

Before deciding how to fight the traffic ticket, research the law and consider facts such as whether or not the officer was correct in writing the ticket. Dig deep and read between the lines to see if there is evidence of a valid claim or defense.

For example, consider if an outdated speed limit sign was displayed or if the officer failed to adequately explain the accusation. These factors could be useful in fighting the ticket. Additionally, observe any photos or diagrams taken by the officer and use them to challenge the speeding violation.

Consult a Lawyer for Advice

An attorney can provide advice on whether it is worth fighting the ticket or not. The lawyer can advise on what strategies may work in court, such as if there was confusion over signs or if the ticket was issued in error.

The attorney can examine the evidence presented by the police, such as photos or videos, and make sure that your rights were not violated by the police. Find a local traffic lawyer that can also look at the officer’s record and if he or she has been involved in any other traffic violations.

With their experienced advice and understanding of local laws, a lawyer can be a valuable asset in helping fight your speeding ticket.

Know Your Rights to Make a Good Case

During the court date, make sure you are well-prepared with relevant evidence or witnesses. If you feel you were stopped unfairly due to race or another reason, bring it up during the court date.

You can also argue that the speed limit was not posted or that driving conditions made it difficult to adhere to the posted speed limit. If the officer does not appear in court, the ticket can be dismissed.

Knowing your rights and being aware of what you can do to defend yourself can substantially improve your chances of fighting a speeding ticket.

Learn How to Fight a Speeding Ticket the Right Way

Fighting a speeding ticket may seem daunting, but by gathering evidence, creating a defense, and working with a lawyer, it is possible. Taking the steps outlined can potentially result in the best outcome, such as having the ticket dismissed.

Take action now and do your research today to be better prepared for when traffic tickets occur.