How to Choose the Best Wig for You?


Either you’re going to a party or just trying to change up your look while you are at home, you do not need any excuse to purchase and try on a wig. Anyone can glam up and rock a wig — given that they’ve purchased one that suits their face and the style they want.  If this is your first time, choosing the right wig for you and making sure that you are getting your money’s worth can be a bit tricky. There are a lot of stores that sell different types of wigs, and we are here to teach you the basics of buying your first wig. If you want that seamless natural look or an over-the-top style, keep on reading.

Types of wig caps

Now that more and more men and women are becoming interested in wigs, different types of wig caps have been created to suit each and everyone’s preferences. It depends if you like wearing one, but wig caps are essentially used to hold of your hair in place and make it look less bulky as possible. It serves as a canvas that holds a wig in place as its texture creates friction with the wig. Some people like wearing wig caps because of their sensitive scalp while some feel like it is uncomfortable on the head. There are different types of wig cap constructions:

1. Basic

As the name suggests, basic wig caps are a primary type. It is the most affordable but it still gets the job done.

2. Lace-front

Lace-front wig caps gives a more natural look as they try to create the same look as baby hairs for a realistic hairline that frames your face. They are much more expensive than the basic ones, however, people tend to spend the extra buck to up their wig game.

3. Monofilament

This one is also in the expensive side but it secures a natural look on to another level. Hairs on monofilament wig caps are tied individually which makes it look more like real hair. At the same time, you will be able to shift its hairline to whichever side you want,

4. Hand-tied

Hand-tied wig caps are the priciest ones as they are considered to be the most realistic, as well as the most comfortable type of wig caps.

Types of hair wigs

There are two types of hair wigs: synthetic and real human hair.

Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic ones since they are literally harvested from real human heads. They are also more natural-looking and silkier. However, human hair wigs require so much maintenance and proper care for it to remain to look good.

Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, have premium styles that can now look like real human hairs. They are more affordable and low maintenance. The downside of synthetic hair is you cannot use heated tools on it, unlike human hair wigs. This limits your styling options.

Choosing between human hair and synthetic wigs depend on your budget as well as the purpose you’re going to use it for. Either way, purchasing any of the two can still be a good investment as long as you buy from trusted and quality wig shops.

What look are you going for?

         Remember to factor in the look that you are going for and the hairstyle that suits your face when choosing a wig. You have to consider the length that you prefer, and the colour and style that looks best on your skin tone and face shape, respectively.

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