How to avoid Degree Fraud and Scam Certificates?


If you are looking for higher education in the UK and want an alternating degree that can amount the same to a bachelors or something of the same level, you may want to be careful of what you choose. If you pick a company off the internet that just looks legitimate, you can sometimes be in for a sore surprise. The websites can be made to look legitimate by copying real institutions and using the same text and procedures as the legitimate institution. Many of these frauds happen for Health and Social Care Management Level 5 diploma, other health care degrees are not as popular hence they are less ripped off.

Verrolyne Training provides us with ways to avoid Health and Social Care Management Level 5 Diploma fraud by pointing out a few things that the people can look out for when applying for a degree of buying an online course. It is best to be careful then to regret the decisions later.

Registered Institute or Company

First, you need to check to see if the company has been registered as a proper institution. Check the legal requirements of an online institution and a degree provider, then check if they are met at the institution you wish to choose. Look at the website thoroughly and see that there are no hidden liabilities for the students and make sure everything seems legitimate.


Recognized by the Govt.

The Government normally recognizes these institutions and the government sector has them listed under the education department. You can just go online to those department websites to find out if the institution is listed under the government as is listed for the type of education provided. An easy way to do this is by checking he TQUK logo and checking for the institution on the Training Qualification UK website.

Market Pricing

If the Institution is providing you the Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care Management for only 100£, you may understand why it is hard to believe. At the very least the diploma costs around 850£ and just rises from there on different places in the market. The cost matches the course as it is the equivalent of a year of bachelor’s degree.

Good Customer Service

The website needs to have good client service and should be responsive to the clients. If they are evasive and keep redirecting your questions, it is not the place you want to purchase your course because that is how any complaints will be handled.

Reviews and Ratings

The best way to know if a company is legitimate in the 2019; it is by checking the ratings, Google Level 5 management in health and social care diploma and out of the results, open the websites on the side that you like. Then just check each of the google reviews. It will help you understand the company through the reviews provided.