How Social Messaging Bots Can Fix Lead Quality Problems

Social Messaging Bots

The quality of leads is equally important in the digital marketing age as it was in any earlier era, especially since there are abundant tools that can be used to gather and organize relevant information about potential buyers. Companies looking to quickly build a wide network of contacts while at the same time discovering the most promising targets for promotions are increasingly turning to social media chat bots as the primary interface for all customer-facing communications.

While the effort to improve lead quality must be organization-wide and maintained over a long period, bots can play a central role and equip the team with better insights about each prospective customer. Here are some of the basic principles that enable such a process to occur.

What Are Social Media Bots and How They Work?

Social messaging bots are advanced, AI-driven algorithms trained to converse with humans using natural language. They can achieve an impressive level of human-like reasoning which makes it far easier for users to interact with the bot and offer their honest opinions. Based on the past examples and the input from the user, a bot can recognize certain scenarios and prepare an adequate response in real time.

Chat bots powered by AI technology can be customized for many different types of use, and gradually refined as more user feedback becomes available. They are usually deployed on company pages on various social networks, and are activated by user action (i.e. commenting on a post), which guarantees they are non-invasive and focused on users with an organic interest in the brand and its offers.

The Advantages of Using Social Bots for Lead Generation

Social bots can be extremely valuable in different stages of communication with customers, from activating the existing online contacts to delivering post-sale customer service. When configured the right way, they can also be a powerful source of new leads that takes user actions and intentions into account. Bots don’t just inflate the number of visitors to the main website and product pages, they tend to send users who are genuinely interested and could potentially make a purchase.

Bots can also direct users to the landing pages associated with the offers they are most likely to be interested in, which obviously impacts conversions. In addition to direct gains, bots also positively influence customer satisfaction and thus increase the chance for an organic recommendation. With all this in mind, bots represent a clear upgrade over static online forms, classic social media ads and similar lead generation tools that were prevalent over the previous decade.

How to Improve Lead Generation Procedures through Automation?

In the modern digital marketplace, connecting the right customers with the right offers is the key to sustainable success. The first step in this process is to gather large amounts of relevant user data and process it as quickly and accurately as possible. Social messaging bots can largely automate this step while allowing the marketer to scale up data collection without hiring additional people. If bot programming is well planned and based on realistic marketing priorities, data analysis can reveal interesting trends about customer profiles and behavior.

Such insights allow companies to rethink their sales strategies and formulate offers that are more in line with customer expectations. Automated procedures can also filter out duplicated or low-quality leads and ensure immediate reaction in urgent situations (i.e. failed online transaction). All those examples show why smart chat bots and similar technologies are becoming in dispensible for businesses looking to improve the quality of their leads and consequently push up their sales figures.

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