How to optimize your mobile emails and increase engagement?

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The smartphone has revolutionized how we lead our lives. From keeping us connected to dictating our brand interactions, smartphones are becoming a bigger and bigger part of e-commerce. 46% of emails are opened on mobile devices, and over 70% of millennials prefer to open emails on their mobile devices.

These mobile usage statistics show that almost half of the world uses mobile devices to open emails, and this number will only continue to grow in the future. Consequently, while choosing the elements of your email marketing campaign and while deciding what components you should include, it is essential to consider their mobile deceive compatibility. Is your email template responsive? Is your email signature consistent? Is your email content too long? Are the images mobile friendly?

For increased effectiveness, these are some of the many questions you need to ask yourself while preparing your email marketing campaign. To make sure you get the high return on investments or ROIs that email marketing boasts, be mindful of these tips on optimizing your mobile emails and increasing engagement.

Add a consistent email signature

Including an email signature has become a staple in email marketing campaigns. The beauty of an email signature, mainly when it is a personal email signature, is that it can increase your engagement after a few interactions with your prospects and customers. When you include an email signature in your email marketing campaign, all your contact information is easily visible and accessible, should your prospect wants to continue exploring your brand or choose to connect with you.

Ensuring that this is consistent across all desktop and mobile platforms will ensure your readers are in sync with your branding efforts and do not get confused about your message. So, add a consistent email signature and optimize your mobile emails and increase engagement.

Be word-wise   

Getting your point across and using the right words and right amount of words is an integral part of your digital marketing content creation process. You need to pay attention to your “from” label, subject line, and preheader text. Some devices display only the first 30 or so characters of your email, so keep this in mind while optimizing your content.

The sole purpose is to get your point across efficiently and concisely. For example, your call to action or CTA should not be too long as it can take away the message’s impact. In addition, using action words in CTAs trigger a sense of urgency and encourage people to continue exploring your brand beyond the email content. So, keep it short, succinct, and get your point across by being word-wise.

Avoid long texts

Given that your mobile deceive has a smaller screen compared to laptops and desktops, a long email can take a long time to scroll on a mobile device. As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to avoid long paragraphs.

Additionally, you do not want to crowd too many links together at once. Just like you spread out your references across any piece of writing, you need to space out your hyperlinks. Place the most relevant and essential information first and build on it with additional supporting links throughout the content.

But for optimization, it is a good idea to keep the text short and to avoid reference overload. This consideration will help keep your readers on track with your CTA and make sure your content is compatible across all browsing devices.

Pay attention to images

Integrating images in your email marketing campaign is always a good idea. This addition helps with email engagement through mobile browsing as well. While you do not want to overdesign with too many images, you also want to make sure you do not embed large images.

Both of these will increase the message’s download time, and it might get in the way of engagement with your brand. The beauty lies in finding the right balance in the number of images and the file size of the images included. Once your reader opens the email, the last thing you want is for them to get bored because it took forever for the message to load.

So, make sure you always pay attention to images to gain the maximum possible engagement on your email campaign.

Use buttons instead of links

While links are a great way to embed references in texts, buttons sometimes yield better click-through rates or CTRs. You can use email signature buttons and integrate buttons for CTAs instead of links. Given that mobile devices predominantly have a touch screen option, buttons are more accessible for people to click on when using a touchscreen.

Integrating buttons instead of links will make your CTA stand out, make it easy for people to click on your CTA, and increase the effectiveness of your CTA. Use the touchscreen feature of mobile devices to your advantage and integrate buttons in your design to boost your CTA’s effectiveness.

Make mobile-friendly email design

In order to make your email template compatible across all devices, you need to use a responsive email template. A responsive email template will allow your readers to see the actual content you designed. For example, the screen size of a smartphone and a laptop is entirely different. Creating a responsive design will make sure things like screen size do not skew your email template.

Using HTML templates enhances your email marketing campaign, and it is common to use templates for emails. In order to avoid having distorted text and images, make your email marketing campaign design mobile-friendly and responsive. This design consideration will add value to your email marketing efforts and ensure you get the desired results.

Email marketing is a staple in the digital marketing world. Smartphones are also a staple browsing device in the digital world. Email marketing, just like all other forms of marketing, you need to make sure you optimize your efforts across all channels to achieve your bottom line. Keep these tips in mind and optimize your mobile emails and increase engagement for your email marketing campaign’s optimal results.