How Much Does It Cost To Service A Garage Door… And How To Save Money In Doing So!


Your garage is a useful and valuable part of your household. It provides shelter for your vehicle, protecting it from potential theft, damage, or inclement weather, but also useful for general storage purposes. The door to your garage is likely the largest and heaviest moving object in your household, and because the garage is an important part of your daily life, the garage door is used an average of 1500 times per year.

That’s a lot of use, and it’s inevitable that either through time and usage or more immediate damage, being a large mechanical object, the garage door will at some point start malfunctioning or need repairing or even wholesale replacement. It’s important that at the first sign of such instances, you stop using the door for safety reasons. As the largest and heaviest object in your home, the door could cause serious damage to property or persons if it fell.

At this point, you’re going to need the immediate services of a qualified garage door services professional technician. But there are a lot of garage door services out there, so how can you tell which one is the best for your needs, will deliver you the very best workmanship, and provide you the highest value for money?

It’s impossible to give specific rates for specific companies but we’ve compiled some useful tips in helping you decide which garage door company to hire and how to save both money and time in doing so.

Let’s go…

  • Availability

When you decide to hire a garage door replacement, repair, and installation service, you’re first going to have to choose which one. The first thing to consider is when that garage door company is available when you need them… there is of course the primary concern of safety – the longer the garage door issue remains unresolved, the more chance of it damaging persons or property if used – but also convenience too, while the door is inoperable, you cannot use your garage for your vehicle or able to go back forth to your garage retrieving things in storage there.

Phone round several garage door companies and compare their rates to each other, tell them what your issue is, and perhaps most pertinently, see when the earliest available time is when they could come out to assess your garage door.  We here recommend Up and Down Garage Doors, who pride themselves on being available for their customers when they need them.

When they are available also is closely linked to our next tip, which is…

  • Locality

In addition to when the earliest available opportunity is for your garage door repair, replacement, and installation service to come to you, there is also the matter to consider of how near they are to your location.

If you’re wanting to save both time and money, hiring a great garage door service that is located half-way across the state is probably not advisable, as it will take additional time – and additional cost – so it’s better to check for local garage door services nearest you. Alternatively, you could check for the larger companies that have multiple mobile units on the go at any one time. As a result of that, it’s likely that at least one will be able to reach you shortly after your call.

Determine also what hours your potential garage door service operates during, and see what their rates are should you need them during the weekend or holidays.  The aforementioned Up and Down Garage Doors have multiple mobile units on call every day, to be there for customers where they need them.

Once you think you’ve got a good garage door service that is readily available for you and is either nearby or able to come to your location quickly, and of course has good prices compared to others, then the last thing to consider is…

  • Capability

This perhaps the most important of all factors to consider – the ability of your potential garage door service to resolve your garage door issue!

You want a technician that is knowledgeable, qualified, expert, and experienced; who is both highly professional and proficient and can deliver you the very highest standards of customer care and workmanship at the very lowest cost.

Ensure that you are clear about what your garage door issue is. Check the door and see if you can determine if the problem lies with the opener, the springs, the roller, or whatever. If you can see where the problem is and you convey this clearly to your garage door service provider, they will be able to get to work quicker and save time and money in the process… both yours and theirs.

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential garage door company about their qualifications, history, and their capability – any good service provider will be only too happy to put your mind at ease in this matter… it’s their livelihood after all!

A quick garage door company recommendation (if you’ll allow us):

If you’re still deciding which garage door service to hire, we here recommend Up and Down Garage Doors, who are one of the market leaders in the garage door services field. They are one of the most respected and best-reviewed. They are also available for you at all times through having multiple mobile units on the go at any one time and have the most qualified and expert technicians in the industry. This company delivers with every call and to every customer the very highest standard of garage door services at the very lowest cost in the current marketplace.

But whoever you choose, we hope we’ve provided you with some useful and constructive tips in helping you decide which garage door services to choose, and how to save both time and money in doing so.

Good luck!