How Many Miles Should I Say I Drive for Insurance?


If you’ve never owned a car before, you might have no idea how insurance companies work. The concept behind their operation is quite simple – you pay them a premium and they compensate for damages during accidents or other incidents. However, the rates vary significantly depending on the company itself or the mileage of your vehicle. The more miles you travel annually, the higher your premium will be. That’s one of the reasons why people get so anxious about the mileage. Today we’re going to discuss how many miles are optimal for low insurance costs. We’ll also take a look at one of the mileage-related tools, i.e. the mileage blocker from superkilometerfilter. Let’s begin!

What’s the connection between the mileage blocker and the car insurance?

I’ll be honest – the link between the mileage blocker from superkilometerfilter and the car insurance isn’t as direct as you might think. Even though it’s a device that can stop recording the mileage, it’s not meant for deception and fraud. It was designed for testing purposes and, thus, it is ethical equipment.

However, some people still use it on the open road regardless of all the suggestions and warnings. They neglect the purpose of the tool and employ it for unethical purposes. Though I understand the reasons behind it, you shouldn’t utilize this device on the public roads.

The reason why people turn to deception is quite simple – they want to reduce insurance costs. Since the premium is directly connected to the mileage, they do everything they can to avoid additional charges. The insurance costs won’t increase if you travel under 5000 miles annually. They will increase insubstantially if you remain under 10,000 miles. That amount isn’t enough for many people, so they turn to various tools.

Which tools do people use apart from the mileage stopper?

To avoid increased insurance costs, people turn to the odometer adjustment tool. It’s software that can easily rewind or reset the odometer. However, it has quite a few disadvantages. Mileage correction devices are unethical since they roll back the existing miles. Their operation is easy to detect with diagnostic computers. Some of them might even damage your car. Therefore, it’s not the best decision to employ an odometer changer to cut insurance costs.

If you want to test the performance of your vehicle, it’s always better to go for the mileage stopper.

What are the advantages of the odometer blocker?

An odometer blocker from has abundant advantages:

  • It’s more ethical as it’s meant for testing purposes
  • It comes with a plug-and-play module which is completely safe for your car
  • It can’t be detected with diagnostic testers
  • It offers straightforward operation
  • It’s versatile

Is the kilometer stopper affordable?

The prices of the kilometer stopper, sold at, vary depending on the model and make of your vehicle. However, if we take into account the quality of its operation, then we’ll understand that it’s quite affordable for what it is.


If you want to maintain low insurance costs, then you should be aware of your driving habits. It’s better to think about how much you travel and why until it’s too late. Reprogramming the odometer is a fraud and you shouldn’t use tools such as the odometer changer. You can use the mileage blocker, but only for testing purposes.