How Hard it is Imagining a World Without Technology


A world without technology seems like a novel concept. It is aiding and rescuing the human lives at such magnitude that humanity can no longer think of something better than the technology. That’s a reality. Accept it or not.

  • Medical without Technology

Technology is a top-notch helper in medical spheres. From 3M Prescription Safety Eyewear Program to the treatment of cancer, everything is being diagnosed and cured with the help of machines. These machines are a good interpretation of technology. Technology is helping humanity to cure humanity. Humanity is taking help from these tech-embedded machines to solve the mysteries of cure. Even the research in the medical sphere is impossible without these tech-embedded machines. Machines lead to the invention of new machines. The medical sphere would be having advantages of these tech-embedded machines to save and cure humanity.

  • Space Exploration without Technology

NASA is constantly sending mission out there in space. They are trying to figure out whether there are signs of life out there are not? What do you think about how they are doing so? Are they going by F-17 jets with a pilot? No, they are sending missions into space. These missions are programmed to be handled remotely. How are they are being handled remotely? With an antenna as in old times? No, they are being controlled by highly sophisticated beams and tools. These tools are all about technology. These tools are all about communication. Communication comes from technology. Communication is the only lifeline of these space missions. Without them, they would be floating in deep space like a leave. One day they might collide with an asteroid. That’s the role of technology in these space missions. That’s a very crucial role in the survival of humanity. Possibly, humanity might one day find the indicators of life that humanity is looking for long.

  • Armed Forces without Technology

Armed forces are today totally relying on the technology. Command and control centers are nothing without technology. Flying drones are nothing without technology. Flying jets are nothing without nothing. Naval ships are nothing without technology. Tech-embedded gadgets are nothing without technology. Armed forces are today surrounded by the technology. Take the technology out of armed forces, the armed forces wouldn’t be doing well. The tools and equipment under the usage of armed forces are heavily reliant on technology. Without these tools and technology, the modern-day weaponry is nothing but metal and plastic. Without technology, this modern-day weaponry is of no use. It is the technology that is making this equipment fully operational. It is the technology that is helping the military control centers to establish communication with the command centers. Armed forces are nothing without communication. Communication is nothing without technology. You can realize how important things have become in the armed forces all over the world. Even the nuclear nukes are fully reliant on the technology. Take the technology out of these nukes and they are only the pieces of metal and nothing else. A button that activates the nuclear nuke is as simple as it can be and yet it is operating on the technology.

  • Education without Technology

Education and technology are two sides of a same coin. That’s a much-falsified perception of education. You are learning a topic on YouTube, that’s called technology. You are learning remote education, that’s called technology. You are learning about programming, that’s called technology. You are learning about social media, that’s called technology. You are learning about Artificial intelligence on YouTube, that’s technology. Education is filled with technology. Education is dependent upon technology. Education is formulating the fundamentals based on technology. The upcoming generation cannot survive alone in conventional disciplines. They need to learn about technology in order to survive well in the field of education.

  • Social Media World without Technology

Today, the world is occupied by social media. Social media has become the backbone of humanity. All the social media platforms are playing their key role in order to connect the world like a single town. They have been successful at it. They have connected the world like a single global town. All these things are happening due to social media. Print media is almost dying. You cannot be carrying print media at your disposal all the time. But you can be carrying a small gadget all the time that has access to the global as well as local news. What are these smaller tools? Technology. What are the things that are helping them connect these tools with each other? Technology. What are the social media platforms operating in these smaller gadgets? Technology. All these things are technology and they seem to overtake humanity in the best way possible. From tech-embedded Eyeweb Safety to next-generation communication tools, everything is technology. And humanity can no longer survive without them anymore.


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