How Giveaways and Contests Boost Your Website Traffic

Website Traffic

So you’re looking at your website’s traffic data and you feel despair. We don’t blame you as most websites get buried by their competition.

But how exactly can you improve your website traffic? What is the best way to increase your brand awareness and foster greater customer engagement?

One of the most underrated strategies is to host giveaways and contests for your audience. This can help boost your website traffic and gain new customers.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Are Giveaways?

Giveaways are when you freely give away a product or service that represents your brand. It can be a product or service that your company creates or something from a sponsor or partner.

For example, a barbershop might give away hair care products from other companies in a bid to get more traffic to their own website. Or, the barbershop can offer a free haircut to anyone who shows up on an opening day.

These giveaways are one of the fastest ways to attract attention from customers. These customers will be interested in visiting your website and learning more about what you have to offer.

A great option for a giveaway is to prepare a raffle. You want to hire a raffle web design expert to create a dedicated landing page for the giveaway.

Brand Awareness Through Giveaways

A major part of marketing your business is to build brand awareness. This means that consumers instinctively know about your brand and can associate with your company.

For example, if you see a checkmark on an advertisement you immediately know that this is for Nike. Even if the word NIKE isn’t written in the advertisement, you know the brand behind it.

If you saw a red soda can without any text on it you’d assume it had Coca-Cola in it. If you saw a dark blue can without any text on it you’d assume it had Pepsi in it.

You need to do the same with your brand and giveaways and contests are a great way to do this.

For example, you might want to start by having a particular color associated with your brand. You might remember the Livestrong wristbands that were very popular about a decade ago.

These yellow wristbands were given away and this drove more traffic to Livestrong’s website. This helped build greater brand awareness of the Livestrong brand.

You have to think about a product and color you can associate with your brand. Let’s return to the barbershop example.

You can consider giving away free plastic combs with your company’s logo on them. Stick to one color scheme that you want your brand to be associated with.

For an elegant look, you might choose a black comb with gold lettering. Make sure your website is the same color scheme as the product you’re giving away.

Once your customers have seen your color scheme as often as possible they’ll associate with your brand. You can expect to see major growth in your website traffic with this unique strategy.

Social Media Giveaways

Another great option is to host giveaways on your brand’s social media pages. This will gain more followers on your social media and is perhaps the easiest way to boost your website traffic.

For example, many entrepreneurs on “Money Twitter” follow this strategy. These are entrepreneurs who use Twitter to promote their brands and often use giveaways to do so.

For example, Kyle Trouble will give away a free webinar that’ll benefit entrepreneurs. But he requires you to follow him and retweet his tweet. This is a free method to increase brand awareness.

Plus it gets him more followers on Twitter and this eventually leads to a boost in website traffic.

Likewise, another creator will use Instagram to give away their products. They’ll ask you to “like” their Instagram post and share it.

Of course, you have to follow them as well. This is another simple way to boost website traffic by giving away products and services via social media.

With this strategy, it’s better to focus on giving away digital products and services as this attracts more attention.

Consider giving away the haircut tutorial video rather than the combs in this situation.

The more you build your social media presence, the faster you’ll improve your website traffic. The best way to build the following is through giveaways.

Internet Challenges

This continues on with the previous section on social media giveaways. Often, social media giveaways are either given to everyone or to someone by random draw.

While these have their place, one downside is that your winner won’t value their product or service if they didn’t earn it. There’s a great chance that they’ll visit your website but no guarantee.

This is because many consumers don’t value what they get for free and what they didn’t have to earn.

You want them to feel that they earned the giveaway service or product and that they are special.

You can do this with internet challenges. For example, let’s say you offer a coaching or mentoring program.

Rather than giving away a session to everyone, ask your audience to record a short video explaining why you should choose them.

When you choose a lucky winner or a few, they’ll feel that they’re part of a special group. They’ll immediately book your coaching session in their schedule and they’ll take it seriously.

They’ll want to engage with your brand and they’ll visit your website.

This is the best way to improve customer engagement which, in turn, will boost website traffic.

Improve Your Website Traffic

Now you know how to boost your website traffic through a variety of strategies involving giveaways and contests.

One of the best ways to do this is with a raffle. Whoever gets a free product or service will want to learn more about your brand.

Make sure your giveaway products also help increase your brand awareness.

You can optimize social media to host your giveaways and you can also use them for internet challenges to foster customer engagement.

You can find more tips on marketing on our website.