How to Find Your Dream Home Amidst the Pandemic


Apartment hunting has always been a stressful thing, yet an absurdly thrilling task that marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of another. The pandemic has set things back for many people, and more individuals and families are gearing up to plan their new home by the day!

The pandemic has thrown a wrench in many people’s plans for the peak of hunting season, and are going back to it with a staunch eagerness. There are some extra protocols and precautions that you should know and follow while venturing outside in this weather.

Here are some of the best tips to find your dream apartment in Chennai during the pandemic season.

1. Location Mapping: Despite the social distancing measures and multiple other safety protocols, moving to an apartment nearby will not be an issue to you at all. All you have to do is schedule a moving company or van and quickly finish your shifting without hassle. However, if you are planning to move to a large city, you might face some complications.

Consider the location and try to avoid multiple flights down to check houses as you might have to consider the quarantine period as well. Consider the location of your new house as well. If you’re planning to stay long, try and map out all the nearby amenities and facilities you have access to and see if you can move about conveniently during post-pandemic. When you look for houses, always wear a mask and carry hand sanitiser with you, as you do not know who might have visited before you.

2. Call a Friend: If you’re planning to move to another city, consider calling your friend or acquaintance from that city to conduct any inquiries you need to. You can ask them about the kind of neighbourhood or apartment you’re looking for. Run background checks on leads you have, and if they’re close to you, you can ask them to inspect the apartment as well.

You might receive some key insight on things you might not have considered, like nearby highways or railway lines, the noise levels of the neighbourhood, the water and electricity availability amongst other aspects. If you do not know anyone, you can always try making an online acquaintance or just scroll through online platforms like Facebook.

3. Look Into Virtual tours: Virtual tours, as fancy as they sound, are extremely simple and are getting extremely popular. It entails you getting on a Skype, zoom, or other online meetings, with the property manager or a broker. You can see the apartment very clearly in the day time, which is usually the time you will be taking a tour. Even though you won’t be there to see the flat, you can still see the flats. Plus, you can also do multiple tours of different apartments, all on the same day!

4. Be prepared: Social distancing protocols can make it near impossible to visit multiple flats on the same day. Even if you get to see some, there may be some that you cannot visit. You need to be prepared for any delays, cancellations, or other last-minute dilly-dallying that might come your way because of the pandemic.

5. Self Guided tours: If you live somewhere close to any flat you’d like to visit, you can ask the property manager about self-guided tours if virtual tours just don’t cut it. The landlord will give you the property keys and allow you some time to walk around and check the property out.

6. Maintain your hygiene: There are high chances of you coming in contact with other people or germs that they left behind. Come fully equipped with a mask and sanitiser and avoid walking into closely ventilated spaces. Remember to decline any friendly handshakes that your landlord or people you know might offer you on the way. Wash your hand or sanitise before you touch your mask or face.

The pandemic has put some level of strain on finding dream homes for many. However, with signs of it clearing out, looking for a new house can be more daunting than ever before. Remember to keep these tips in mind and also keep yourself and those around you safe, when you are looking for apartments in Chennai.