How Do You Deep Clean a Bed Mattress?

mattress steam cleaning

Deep Clean a Bed Mattress

After a tiresome day at the office, thinking of peace and a relaxing environment, your mattress is the only source that revolves in the back of your mind. You just want to fly home and lay down on the bed. It is more than a pleasuring feel while lying on a bed mattress. The comfy foam of mattress takes your mind to a world of dream. It soothes your body aches and posture, providing a relaxant for stretched and exhausted muscles of the body. The muscles of the body get wrenched when you keep your body in the continuous working phase. Therefore, they need a rest. It is only achieved by taking a deep rest on your mattress. These spring mattresses of the bed stay in use for a large period like sleeping, resting, nap time, etc. The wear and tear may happen to them. Hence, mattress cleaning is essential for keeping them healthy and useable.

The bed mattresses are usually bought, once you get married. It is quite an expensive item and is normally purchased once in a lifetime. However, if you act lazy and irresponsible, the outcomes can be against your expectations. The mattress may get damage by the time if not cleaned properly. You might suffer a big financial crisis. It is better to be caring and vigilant of your belongings. This habit saves you from any damage. You stay mentally and physically fit, but for that, you need to be habitual of regular cleaning.

Home tricks of keeping up mattress

There are multiple ways of maintaining your bed mattress. It is not unusual to clean it at home. Many people in the country are doing it their self very well. This demands nothing but good research work plus cleaning accessories. Internet facility is there to help you learn to clean hacks of house mattresses. Some basic tools are needed for this cleaning activity which are given under:

• Dust remover brush

• A vacuum machine

• Wet muslin cloth

• Dryer

• Detergent solution

• A spray bottle

• Insect repellent spray

• Odor freshener

After checking all the essentials for home cleaning strategies, next is the stepwise procedure of cleaning the bed mattress. Start with removing the linings of bed, pillow covers, cushion covers, neck roll covers. Remove lamps, table clock on side tables of the bed mattress. This action is mattering from a protection point of view so that no loss or harm happens to another home’s belongings. Pick up the vacuum cleaner and bring it nearby mattress. Plug the switch and start doing a vacuum to the entire surface of the mattress. Make sure not to miss any area of mattress from the dust removal step. The vacuum is good at absorbing the hidden dirt and allergens.

After it, spray the detergent cleaner lightly over the complete surface. Don’t overspray on the fabric. Let it remain for around an hour or more extra. Later, rub it with a damp piece of cloth to remove yellow stains. Start drying it with a blower, if you have. Otherwise, turn on fans and open windows of room for the cross circulation of air. Within three to four hours, it will be dried. Apply a layer of sanitizer to sterilize the mattress, keeping it safe from germs and bacteria. Normally the ticks and mites, pave their way under the bed mattress, which remains unknown, if not taken into consideration.

Home hacks for cleaning are easily prepared by using ingredients from the kitchen. Take a cup of baking soda, one and a half cup of vinegar. Also, add three cups of water and mix it well. Use this solution for the eradication of dirty stains. Beside it, you can sprinkle hydrogen peroxide on the surface. It regains the original white look of your mattress.

Deep Steam processing of mattress

Besides home methods of keeping up your belongings, sometimes you didn’t get so much time to pay attention to them. In such cases, you shouldn’t wait for the right time to do the cleaning but try to opt for professional services for mattress steam cleaning. This procedure is beneficial in speedy recovery and cleaning of the bed mattress. The experts are usually well-equipped, which gives an excellent result. They start by taking away the covers, bedsheets on the mattress. Then, they apply the vacuum cleaning step to remove tiny particles of dust from the surface.

After it, the steam cleaner is turned on. It infuses high-temperature steam into the fabric of mattress that is the best incomplete eviction of deadly pathogens and sticky stains. It is no doubt a high voltage machine. The drying step is important. It is usually done by the large blower equipment. After the speedy drying, a disinfecting solution is sprayed to the surface, making it safe and protected from microbes and allergens.


The whole discussion can be concluded by saying that mattress cleaning is not ignored. By following the points mentioned above, you can perform a deep cleaning of your soothing mattress.